Friday, July 18, 2008

Yesterday Was Hell

Yesterday was hell.

I was in the bathroom and out and in and out and all the time sick sick SICK!

Yesterday was hell.

Thank you all who commented and who sent happy thoughts and prayers my way. After leaving work I ended up at the grocery store by my house to pick up lunch. Why? I have no clue.

I knew we had food at home but my brain was not working well.

I roamed around the store giggling to myself about the strange items and weird advertising. My cell phone rang and I started laughing out loud.

“Where are you?” It was my wife and she was home from lunch.

“The store. I need lunch. They don’t sell keytone strips at the pharmacy here. Oh well, at least they have a aisle full of hot sauce. Did you know Top Raman is only a quarter a pack!”

“Just come home and I will go to the pharmacy to get strips.” She did not think I was funny.

“Alright but I think I am going to buy some more diet soda. I’ll be home in a second. Do we have cheese? Ugh, I hate this store. The music they play sucks. Why are they selling pineapple corers on the paper goods aisle? Why am I on the paper goods aisle? Ha ha!!”

“George. Just come home.”

I did and checked for keytones. Sure enough there they were but not a huge amount. I continued to drink water and check my BG to make sure all was dropping in to the “safe” range. They did and I felt a whole helluva a lot better.

Yesterday was hell.

Today is much better!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Glad you're feeling better man.

micksmom28 said...

When I read your post yesterday, I was so worried. I was glad you were doing all that you should have but I wanted to hear your voice. When you didn't answer your phone I was freakin out! All I could think of was you laying in bed with your BG rising and you not testing. I know that you are on top of things now, but you were the only thing on my mind. I was so glad to hear from you. I know that you are doing what you need to do for yourself. Take care! Love you lots!