Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dealing with a Low in Public - Vlog #3

How do I deal with a low in public? Watch the Vlog and find out. I promise, there are no cougars involved.


Sara said...

Hi George!

I see you are struggling with the same glasses reflection problem that I am :)

Your kids (once again) are awesome!

P.S. All I use is Windows Movie Maker, you can add titles and photos to your video. That might work!

Rachel... said...

Maybe one of these days I need to fire up iMovie on the Mac, huh? Maybe even with both of us?

I don't get the Skittles thing with Greg. Because Skittles must be like your Gummis for me. I was always disgusted by Skittles, Starburst, and the like...

Cara said...

Cool! :) I love your vlogs. They are so much fun.
And you know we all love your kids. :) They are too cool.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Vlog! I love the kids..Mine take care of me too and do it so well. As a mom, I sometimes feel guilty of those moments when they have to take care of me~ I have to say it's the one thing they do without questions or complaints..I wonder if it's too late to convince them that cleaning their rooms will alieveate my hypos! LOL

micksmom28 said...

Awww...I think that's the first time I've ever seen them shy!!! Tell them to relax and be themselves! They are the cutest!!! And great info!

Donna said...

George - Your kids are great. You can tell that they know how to help you when you need it.

Oh, I hate gummies, too. Ick!

Minnesota Nice said...

It was soooooo much fun to see your kids. They are beautiful!!!
Gummys are a very effective treatment because they contain corn syrup, but, most of the gummy stays stuck on your teeth rather tan goes down the hatch, so you're hosed.

Scott K. Johnson said...

That was awesome! I loved the guest appearances!

When you asked Jill what she notices when you get low, I swear I thought she was going to say "you get all silly", and to that I was going to retort with some "he's ALWAYS silly" type smart-ass remark... BUT - she didn't cooperate, so I had to improvise (ahem - see above).


amylia said...

I am sooo digging your vLog. You are soooo much better to listen to "live" and on video--don't get me wrong, I dig your blog, but your personality totally shines through in the video.

Thank your kids for their cameo. I thought Jill was going to say that when you're really low, you get cranky and crabby, but she pulled it back--good girl! ;)

Keep on rocking the V-Log (and the pinky striped manpurse!)! ;)

Mollie and Jackie said...

Hey George!

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much my sister and I enjoyed watching your Vlog! That was really cool, especially having input from your family!!! :]

Any way, I hope everything is going well, and I love your blog! :]

If it's okay, my sister and I are going to add your link to our new blogroll, and hope you will do the same. :]

Have a great night!
Always Praying for a Cure,
Mollie and Jackie

Snackrifices said...

love the video.

i have my stepkids trained not to give me gummies too. they are really gross. turn into a gelatinous goop in your mouth. not a pleasant way to come back up!