Sunday, November 09, 2008

D-Blog Day Post!

Shame on me. I have been so busy hanging up pictures, doing laundry, unpacking stuff, and trying to make this place more and more like home.

But since this is "D-Blog Day" I should keep this on the "D" tip so here it goes.

Diabetes sucks. This morning as I am rushing to get to church on time (those that follow me know why I was there early) my freaking tubing got caught on the bathroom drawer handle and yanking my set right out of my thigh.

Ouch and what a mess.

Blood-duh. Blood everywhere and seriously it was pouring down my leg. EEeeeEewWwWWW

So that is a glimpse into the D world from your friendly neighborhood ninja.

Hooray for blogging and especially for all the D bloggers out there that keep this community going! LOVE YA ALL!!!!!


Chris said...

George -

Happy D-Blog Day! Thanks so much for sharing your life and humor with me and everyone out there. Keep up the great work. Wish you long life and health.

Sandra Miller said...


I was just about to go to bed, and thought I'd check on one more D-Blog Day post.

And there was yours.

Man, you can make me laugh even when describing a bloody mess! :-)

Your humor is priceless; your honesty, so very much appreciated.

Take care... and Happy D-Blog Day!

Lee Ann Thill said...

Ugh, gushers are the worst! Every time I've had one, I ended up looking like an extra from your TV hospital drama of choice. Happy D-Blog Day, George!

Anonymous said...

i was starting to wonder about you! i've been lucky and haven't gotten rizzo's tubing caught on anything yet.

Happy D-Blog Day!

k2 said...

Oh what an tangled web our infusion sets weave~
Happy D-Blog Day!
You make me laugh, you make think, and you are a bacon lover to boot!
All biggies in my book.

Sara said...

Happy D-blog day George!

I love how we say 'happy' even though it would be far happier not to celebrate it, unlike the other 'happy' holidays - birthday, Christmas, etc.

Scott said...


No shame in late postings, I almost missed it myself since I was busy this weekend! I have left the same comment on other D-Blog postings, but it seems hard to imagine life before the DOC, doesn't it? By the way, nice show on dLife ... did you catch my appearances as a panelist? Not to worry if you didn't but I still need to invest some time in v-logging ... I'll have to learn from your postings!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage man. Unexpected site changes and a gusher at that - booooooo hissssss.

Happy D-Blog day man!

Cara said...

It sucks when that happens!! :) And of course it only happens when we are already running late....

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Blood-duh, indeed {:P Yuck! But you still rock, hermano :) Happy belated D-Blog Day!

Caro said...

Belated Happy D-Blog Day George.
Thanks for sharing the ups and the downs, And for always seeming to find a way to make me laugh or smile!

Minnesota Nice said...

Didn't Bob Dylan write a song called "Tangled Up in Tubes"?, I guess it was "Tangled Up in Blue". Oops. Happy DB day, George.