Friday, November 28, 2008

Food Hangover

Yesterday was good, bad, and great.

I slept in nice and late which was very nice. It is great when you do not have to set an alarm clock and I looking forward to retirement when I can finally do that for good! But until then I will enjoy these few days here and there when I wake when I dang well please.

Jasmine started working on dinner stuff around 10 after I finished up breakfast. I love cooking breakfast for the family. So after we ate, George was back on the couch nursing a cold and Gillian and I hung out to help Jasmine or stay out of her way.

At about 10:30 I hear a major gasp in the kitchen and Jasmine says, "Of course this would happen on Thanksgiving!" I walk into the kitchen and see that the sink is clogged. This would be the bad part.

I tweeted about the whole thing and lo and behold I get a phone call from my future Brother in law. He says he is on the way to help.

By 1pm my sink was clear and the food prep was back in full effect. THANK YOU STEVE!!! I think my sister picked a keeper right?

So now to the great part. The food.

Jasmine made the bacon wrapped goodness upside down which made for very juicy white meat!

Even Teddy had his own Thanksgiving meal.

And boy did he enjoy that.

As did we.

You may wonder "who the heck took that picture" well my friend Matt was stuck at work late and a nasty traffic accident made it impossible to make it to his families dinner. Instead of being home alone, we invited him over which was awesome because he brought Ranch dressing which we were out of.

As we went around the table saying grace, my prayer included my thanks for my friends and how much they are a part of my family (Just like MATT!) and all of you were included. The online community I care so much for.

After dinner we played Wii Music which was a blast and watched Wall-E.

How was your holiday and have you ever had a bad situation like our plumbing issue on Thanksgiving?


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Cara said...

Fantastic turkey! :)
And how nice of you to invite a friend on Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

don't show dog food so close to the turkey again!

j-ro said...

Last year the turkey was wasnt me that was cooking but i felt bad for my mom in law... I will have to suggest the bacon wrapped turkey..Cause bacon makes everything taste 10x better~!

Losing Myself said...

Looks like you had a fantastic T-day. Yes, usually the bathroom stops up when company is coming. :(
It almost became a holiday tridition for my Dad. He finally fixed the problem by replacing the sewer line. But that is a whole 'nother blog.

come visit me sometime at Losing Myself

Jenni said...

Hey George, I cooked Thanksgiving (for the first time!) for my friends and husband on Friday because they all had other plans on Thursday. So, just as I was getting ready to prepare the turkey, our sink clogged! It was BAD. My husband was able to fix it, but it took a couple of hours, so of course dinner was WAY later than we planned, but everything turned out great, and our sink is FIXED now instead of just "working for now".