Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A New Thanksgiving

This year we are doing something for Thanksgiving that we have never done before.

Staying home.

We typically go somewhere for Turkey day. Last year it was New Mexico. I think the year before that we met everyone at my Aunt’s house. This year we are staying home and just enjoying the day with us. Just the 4 of us.

I am really excited. We typically have the entire family over or all get together for everything. Not that I am complaining but I think it will be good to just be us. We never do that.

And this year it is especially important I think. This house feels more and more like home tomorrow will really allow us to spend sometime together at home.

Home. I like that.

Although if a certain blogger (Kelly) was in town she would be invited over because we are having the most amazing Turkey I have ever seen. I swear, I could have come up with this!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Keith said...

Are you sure you're not from the South? Love the bacon covered Turkey!

Have a great Thanksgiving, George!

landileigh said...

mmmmmmmmmmm BACON!

Scott K. Johnson said...

LOL!! That is AWESOME!!!

Your family day sounds fantastic, and I'll be enjoying mine too.

Have a great one man!

My word verification is "droped". Be sure to not droped the turkey or all of the bacon will fall off. :-)

talesofmy30s said...

Sometimes it's good to be different.

Carey said...


Happy Thanksgiving.

k2 said...


That Turkey is Biblical dude!
"And on the 8th day, God created bacon,and ensconced it over turkey, and all was right with the world!"

AMEN Brother!
You Rocketh & happy Bacon day to you and yours!

Colleen said...

Ummm, I'm not so sure about the bacon... But, I am sure that having your own family Thanksgiving will be awesome. Neither of our sons are travelling here but they will be with each other and both have called to check on recipes.
Have a great holiday!

Major Bedhead said...

Everything is better with bacon. Everything. Even turkey.

We're staying home tomorrow, too. Just me and the girls. Mark's flying out at the ass crack of dawn for his brother's wedding. I'm really looking forward to doing nothing all day long.

Cara said...

Gotta love the turkey! I have to say, I agree with Keith...sure you aren't originally from down South. :)
That's almost like a Paula Dean Dish....if it doesn't taste good, add some more butter or sugar. :P

Sara said...

BACON! BACON! BACON! I smell bacon! (no it Beggin Strips!) Eww - can you imagine if you put Beggin Strips on your turkey!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family.