Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Behind the Scenes of YTT #100

In case the clips I recreated for You Tube Tuesday #100 made no sense, I have posted all 5 video clips I chose below. I will also tell you a little bit about what happened shooting each scene.

#5 - Dramatic Prairie Dog

This clip cracked me up the first time I saw it. We knew it was all about the "zoom in" at the end. George (my son) was really good at perfecting the zoom on our lame camera and getting the shot exactly how I wanted it. I had to do it from the opposite angle then the actual DPD because of my ability to raise only my left eyebrow.

#4 - Ninja Cat

I knew we had cat ears somewhere but I could not locate them for whatever reason. I found this old Koala hat up in my closet from the Rose Parade years ago. I figured that would work and the hallway would be perfect. The problem was, do I crawl or creep? One take I crawled all the way which took forever and at the moment I am supposed to get up and run, I feel flat on my face. My son soon fell over laughing. It was hysterical.

#3 - Charlie Bit Me

This was the first clip that was going to require real editing. I knew I wanted to play both Charlie and Harry to add to the humor. The concern was lip synching. Gillian had a wise idea to put the clip on the TV in front me (yay Apple TV) so I could watch it. The best part was when I bit George's finger so hard that he did the "OUCH CHARLIE" scream for real!

#2 - Happy/Mad Baby

This clip, believe it or not, took the most takes. The problem? George. He would not stop laughing. I think it is because I watched the clip below at least 25 times before we shot just to get all the facial expressions down. It is a short one but there is a lot of stuff going on. George was laughing so hard at the end that I lost it. I left it in because I think it made it even funnier.

#1 - Menudo - "I Like to Dance"

I knew this would be my number 1. I have watched this 100 times and laugh every single time. I knew the dance from when I was a kid so that was easy. In fact, I over danced the "me gusta bailar" part just to make a point of how bad the dance is. Just like "Happy/Mad Baby" I watched the beginning of this clip over and over to get the head turns, the facial expressions and the overall cheesiness down. I am most proud of this one!

P.S. If you want to dress like Johnny from Menudo, go to your local Thrift Store. They may have those sweet pants I found.



Anonymous said...

you should edit the clips and make an outtake reel!!

loved the menudo pants!

k2 said...

Your Great!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Dude - I swear, watching you redo these classic YTT's was the highlight of my day yesterday. You were SO AWESOME!!!!

coffee fiend said...

that cat has the cutest face ever

Raicheal said...

I can only raise my left eyebrow too! I remain amazed at the FACES you can make, and Charlie's laugh is still my favorite thing ever.