Monday, February 09, 2009

It's Monday Meme Time

It’s Monday and I need another Sunday or at least a few more hours. I am just not ready for this week so I have decided to post a Meme. It has been a while and I read a very cool one on Karen’s blog this morning. Karen, for those of you who do not know, is awesome. Okay here is how the meme works.

This is the Letter meme and basically someone assigns you a letter and you write 10 things you like starting with that letter in no particular order. I was assigned the letter “S” so here it goes.

1. Simmons - It's my last name and I have always dug it. Although the Richard and Gene jokes get old. The mattresses are pretty good too.

2. Salisbury Steak - This is probably the only kind of steak I would ever ask for and it's not really steak. It like a burger in gravy. in other words, awesome.

3. Soda - Diet soda. Diet Pepsi. Diet Anything. yum.

4. Spring - Best season ever in my book. Easter and my birthday are in Spring!

5. Super Mario Bros. - One of the very few video games on the planet that I can complete practically every single time I play it.

6. Stevie Wonder - The singer of my theme song, if I was able to have music following me around as I say walked through a park or a busy street with a very intense look on my face.

7. Sir Duke - The song.

8. Songsmith - If you don't know what this is, click this link and check it out. You will love it too!

9. Scott - My middle name, the name I gave every stuffed animal or thing I had to name as a child, and my brother from another mother's name.

10. Steel Drums - Jasmine and I used to hang out in Pasadena and listen to a steel drummer play. Also, my favorite episode of Tom and Jerry, called Calypso Cat, featured a Steel Drumming cat. So funny.

Would you like to do the Letter Meme too? Just shoot me an email and I'll send you a letter. I promise I won't use a difficult one like Q or X but I might pick Z so beware.


Karen said...

Aww, I'm certainly not awesome - although I suspect I've won you over with my love for bacon and The Office.

Your meme, however, was awesome. That Songsmith thing cracked me up! I want to sing around my house with Pea. :)

ninnifur said...

Super mario bros, MY FAVORITE. I bought super nintendo with my OWN money when I was around 7 and played it every single day. :) thanks for bringing back that great memory!!!

Oh also I named every baby doll I had 'baby jennifer' for years. So very creative. At least you used your middle name!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yeah, the name "Scott" is pretty kick ass. But not nearly as kick ass as K.C. the kitten or Jennifer buying a freaking SNES with her own money at 7! Wowsers!