Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Drive Home

I left work yesterday a little late due to a phone system problem that I was trying to help figure out. I try to make a habit of checking my BG before I head home so I broke out the One Touch and logged a 113.

I headed out to the car and of course it is hot as Hades outside since it’s the middle of summer here in Southern California (I swear, it’s supposed to be 90 today!). I took my sweater off and hopped in the Murano only wearing my undershirt to stay cool.

On the drive home I had both windows opened because it was so hot. I was sweating like crazy. Typically I am cold all the time so this was really weird. It’s probably because it has not been this warm in a while and I am so used to being cooler. Or maybe it’s the supplements I started taking that are supposed to help speed up your metabolism.

And then it hit me. I am low.

I started losing vision and quickly turned my blinker on to get off of the, very busy but still doing 60mph, traffic filled freeway. I grabbed my bottle of glucose tabs and chomped down as many as I could. The sweat was getting worse and my heart rate increased. Oh my god I was so scared. I was scared for everyone on the freeway. The last thing I want to do is know that my diabetes hurt someone else.

Since all Southern California drivers are so kind, I was able to get off of the next exit. In hindsight I should have just gotten into the shoulder but I wanted to get off of the freeway entirely. I was terrified and as many of you understand, not thinking straight.

I stopped, checked my BG and I was 85. I ate more tabs out of fear.

Was I going to pass out? Was it because I have been so high lately that I only felt like I was going to pass out? Was I making it more then it was? I truly felt like I was going to pass out but I have to question myself after seeing the 85. Am I going nuts?


Karen said...

Oh gosh, what a scary experience. Could your meter be off in it's readings? I was sure I was low this morning too, but rang in at 95. Great, first we don't feel our lows until they are SO LOW - now we feel lows we aren't even having. Crazy. I'm glad you got safely off the freeway and all, but to be scared like that really sucks.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Dang man, that is scary stuff! Glad that you were able to get pulled over safely and take care of things.

Scott said...

George, I don't think the actual number is as much of an issue as the speed in which your blood glucose is declining, especially related to symptoms. Even though the test revealed it was 85 mg/dL, it might have been 170 mg/dL a half hour ago, meaning it had fallen by half in a relatively short time. Traffic is a big time PITA as it can wreak havoc on seemingly great numbers anyway, causing them to increase OR decrease. The lack of predictable outcomes for managing this disease is what makes it so challenging!!

Val said...

Scary - and no you did not overreact. I have felt "low", tested at 100 with clean fingers, then been 40 within two minutes. I think sometimes the low hits our brains - and reactions - before it hits our fingers where the meter will catch it.

You are much better treating, pulling over, testing - and THEN worry about a high if you are wrong. So I think you did exactly right.

BTW - my word verification is "efing" - no effing joke!!!

Jolie said...

Wow, that is telling what you really were before you chomped the tabs. I'd be perfectly content with a 113 to drive home...who wouldn't be? This disease is just downright crazy. I'm glad you and all the drivers are ok.

JaimieH said...

after having highs for a period of time I find that a good 85-100 can make me feel low till my body gets used to it again but are you over reacting NO! ... it is scary especially when on the freeway...I think of it all the time the 'what if's'.....

just one thing ninja? can you explain this for me please in a little more detail?
"Since all Southern California drivers are so kind..."

Michelle said...

My official diagnosis is that you were reacting to a rapid drop. Some scary stuff, George.

Darling16 said...

Glad you are okay! Just driving in that traffic would make anyone nervous/sweat and then putting the symptoms of being low into the situation is 2x scary. So glad your okay!

Lea said...

Oh my gosh...glad you caught it when you did. Noah has had experiences when he says he feels like his BG was dropping, although like you, his test was around the 80's. I just imagine that's the kind of feeling you must have had.
Heat seems to be a problem for him as well. He has more lows in the summer for sure.