Monday, May 11, 2009

We Have A Winner!!!!!!

I got call this weekend from Minimed.

A CGMS system is being delivered to my house tomorrow.

As much as I am super excited about finally getting a system, I feel bad for the Dexcom rep that was working with me. My endochronolgist told her he would not sign anything until he had an appointment with me since I skipped that last one.

I believe it was a roadblock put up because my Doctor has a close relationship with the Minimed rep. Totally understandable but you know me, I feel for everyone so I felt bad. I sent my Dexcom rep a message letting her know what happened and told her that I am still considering the Dexcom.

I want to try the Minimed unit, see my doctor, and then see if I like it. I also asked the Dexcom rep if I can try a system out after my endo appointment to see which one I like.

As soon as I find out I will let you all know what she says.

For anyone trying to get a CGMS, my advice would be run into your rep at the ADA convention, tell him or her how you feel ignored, and then follow it up with emails.

This all started for me back in November so it was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Honestly, if I had not run into my rep at the show, I doubt I would be receiving this system tomorrow.

And, any of you readers that have had experience with both, please comment or email (geosim23 [at] gmail [dot] com) me about it. I would love some tips, tricks, and whatever else you can offer to help me utilize this system to the best of my ability.


CALpumper said...

Best of luck George.
Glad one is Finally on the way.

Val said...

Hi George -

I used the minimed for 6 months in their FDA trials, and again for a month a year ago in another trial. Aside from that, I've used Dexcom ever since they came out.

I have never gotten minimed to reliably track when my BG goes low. I know other people have not had this problem, so maybe it's something odd about my body chemistry - but if you get the chance to try them both, definitely look at how they react when BG is below 60 or so.

For me, that is the whole reason I have a CGMS (and why I paid for it out of pocket for 2.5 years until I got coverage). I would have BGs in the thirties, and MM would say I was 128, while Dex is usually within a few points...

YMMV but that's my $.02

Lee Ann Thill said...

That's awesome that you're finally getting one, although if your doc set up that roadblock because of the relationship with MM, even if that was only part of the reason, that's unethical, IMO.

I've only used the MM, and I've been pretty happy with the device, less so with the customer service though. Having never tried the Dexcom, I can't compare. If you get that opportunity though, I'd totally jump on that - and I'll look forward to your verdict too.

stickysweetdiabetics said...

Woo Hoo! Finally it's over, well almost. Keep us posted :0)

Allison Blass said...

If you're on the Minimed pump, I highly recommend going with the Minimed CGM, at least to start. I don't know about you, but carrying yet another gadget around sounds very unappealing.

Like Val, I have had a hard time getting my CGM to catch my lows. But it has caught all my highs. In the 3.5 months I wore the Minimed pump (before I lost the charger and thus the transmitter died), I only went above 300 one time. I think I am just especially sensitive to lows, so I know I'm low before the CGM is able to trend down that far (your BG usually moves faster than the CGM - so unless you're stable, there will be variation almost every time, in my opinion, but it can be minimal). The arrows of the CGM (indicating my direction) were always spot-on, it was just that the number hadn't quite caught up. It eventually did, though, every time. Just took a few extra minutes.

You may not have that problem though. I think it depends on the person.

If you have more questions, let me know!

Scott K. Johnson said...

So glad that something is moving along finally! You must have put the fear of George in that MM rep at the ADA Expo! LOL! said...

Yeppie! It may not come when you want it, but it'll be there right on time!!
Let me know how things go.

Karen said...

Well, it's about time!!!! I'm SO HAPPY to hear this is FINALLY happening for you!

I've only used the MM CGM, but I love it. It tends to be pretty accurate for me - not always, but most of the time and since it's still fairly new technology I just feel things will get better and better from here. When you get trained, they will tell you to calibrate a couple of times a day - but unless I'm trending fast, I calibrate each and every time I do a finger-stick.