Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Tube Tuesday #120

Two weeks ago I featured a "Dancin' Kim" totally awesome clip on YTT and this week is a revisiting of that clip except that "Dancin' Hailey" is in the house and is SUPER COOL!

Hailey is the daughter of Meghan who is my "Sister from another Mister."

We had a movie night at my house and when we showed this clip to Hailey, she started to bust some real crisp moves.



Kristen said...

I love that kid. even if she calls me CRAZY!!!!

CALpumper said...

She is adorable.

#2, HEEEELarious!!!!!!!!!!
Your commentary Rocks!!!


Meghan said...

oh man. The robot one was hilarious. This makes me smile :)


Keep your eyes empty you know.. cause you're a robot.