Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Way it Goes

Last Wednesday I finally went to the endocrinologist after skipping an appointment in October and never rescheduling.

Some “Born Again Diabetic” I am huh?

October as most of you remember was a bad month for me so caring about my health or anything at that time was a serious chore.

Then the guilt set in.

How could I face my doctor after not making it to an appointment or scheduling a new one? I just hid some more, until now.

As always I got a slight ‘tude from my supervisor who leaves early for nail appointments but has an “issue” with “so many people having to leave all the time.” I took off as soon as I could and made it to the endo just in time to make the appointment.

When I got inside and met with the nurse who mentioned that I had not been there in a while. I agreed. I tweeted about the next part because I was shocked that the nurse at an endo’s office could be so dumb.

Here’s how it went down.

Nurse: You’re a Type 1? (She said this with an extra high note at the end)

Me: Yes

Nurse: Not a Type 2? (I wanted to answer and be sarcastic because seriously, what part of “YES” did you not get??)

Me: No. I’m just fat.

Nurse: Oh okay. Because most people your weight are type 2’s.

Now this pissed me off two fold. One, I know I am not the only full figured type 1 on the planet. And two, there are many Many MANY type 2’s that are much Much MUCH thinner than I am.

And did I mention that the nurse could have been a “before” pic at the Jenny Craig??? (Ok that wasn’t nice but it really bothers me so sorry, dumb nurse)

When my endo came in we talked a lot. We talked about why I did not come in back in October. About losing the house. About how he has lost all his retirement and does not know what he is going to do. We talked about life, and stress, and how it affects not only my BG but my willingness to take care of myself. It felt like I was talking to a friend who understood or at least wanted to.

We talked about Symilin and Apidra. He felt that we should find out where my A1C is, check on the rest of my numbers and then consider trying some new stuff. I felt that was fair. I need to prove to him that I am a good patient first before he should start writing prescriptions for me just because I ask about them.

It is another beginning. Another attempt to walk the narrow path of good management and who knows how long this will last before I burnout again.

I guess it is just the way it goes


Cara said...

You aren't the only "full-figured" T1 out there! And, I lost 10 pounds w/ TBL D-Style, only to gain 7 of it back between my grandmother's funeral and vacation. :( So maybe we will get it right this go around. It happens. And we just have to keep on going.

Sarah S. said...

Good for you for going to your endo. Here's hoping some of the new options work! I really liked Symlin myself... it was really good at reminding me what that "not hungry" feeling feels like again (compared with "full" and "too full").

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

WTH is it with stoopid comments from the medical profession?! Srsly }:-(

Glad you went, and glad you had a good experience with the endo at least. The A1C result is just a place to start from...if you didn't care, you wouldn't have gone and wouldn't be willing to try all over again.

"pats George on the back"

Cherise said...

I still can't believe she said that...people amaze me sometimes.
I am glad your physician is willing to work with you and try new things. Let is know how it goes.

Colleen said...

I'm glad you got back to the endo, also! (smile) BUT - The nurse had no right to say that to you - it was totally inappropriate!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great post G-Money. And you know that I am totally your fricking TWIN brother (but my feet aren't as big), so I feel you on the weight thing.

I would have been pissed off with that nurse too, but I'm sure I wouldn't have been quick enough to say anything smart to her about it. Ug.

Wendy said...

I'm clinking a beer CHEERS for you!

I get burned out with diabetes and I don't even "have it". I often feel that, if Addy's numbers are crazy, I'm letting her down...I'm dooming her to a life of complications -- and I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE $%&* TO DO TO FIX IT!!!!

Thanks for your transparency...I needed that :)

k2 said...

The nurse is an idiot & you need to tell your Doc what she said @ your next visit!
Great post my friend - sounds like you and your Doc have a good thing going.
Diabetes ='s bumps in the road, no matter how positive we try to be, or how hard we work.
It takes hard work every day, every second, and every minute. We never get a vacation or time off for good blood sugars.
You went back to your Doc,dealt with "Nurse Ratchet," and talked it out!
YOU friend,ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with ratting out the nurse to her boss. That was totally inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. She is a bad first impression for that office if she's the one greeting patients.

Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight. What more can we do?

CALpumper said...

Woo hoo for going!
I am liking your Endo. Sounds like a real human. I highly respect that.

My last appt in uh, April I think, it had been a year. All my Endo did was ask why, I told him (even tho he knows -- no insurance as you know and you're expensive, did you know that? I am getting more than 15 mins with you, ok? -- Yes, I said ALL of that.)
Me don't hold back.

And "Nurse Ratchet" as k2 called her, uh, Get A Clue.

I would not have been as nice. You handled it Very well. I would have put her in her place then had her repeat it in front of the Endo.

Again, so glad you went. So happy for you. One day at a time man. You are doing GArate!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim said...

I've certainly had my share of exciting incidents with medical professionals, including one who threw her clipboard across the room and starting yelling at me. However, when I think of all the times I've said really world-class stupid things myself, I try to be tolerant of other people's behavior.

Karen said...

It doesn't matter how many times you start over - as long as you keep starting over. :) Don't ever give up!!

Allison Blass said...

I've gotten the "You're not a type 2?" question just because I'm an adult!

Yes, Diabetes does NOT go away when you hit age 18. Sheesh.

MO-rons! :-)

BTW - my word verification is "phout" which to meet sounds like shout and trout... a trout shouting... phfffft! LOL.

Andrea said...

I'm glad your endo appointment marked a new beginning. I think, in life, we want things to stay the same (good) but, in reality, we start over again and again. Love you.