Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I Was Out

Last week was crazy. Each day at work was filled with special projects and major issues I had to deal with. Every evening was filled with “drama” at home. Nothing awful but just always something it seemed.

My presence on Twitter, Email, and even AIM was almost non existent. I was able to get a couple of “tweets” in on Saturday but that was about it.

So now, I am behind. I have lots to share and really do not want to mash it all up for one post. So I’ll give you each tasty morsel each day this week. Even the You Tube Tuesday tomorrow will be a little glimpse into my craaaaaazy week!

Hope you aren’t too upset about my absence. Maybe I need to get some people to guest post while I am out. Anyone interested for the next time I disappear for a week?


k2 said...

Welcome back!
We never could be mad at you GNinja, but we can't wait to hear all about yur CRAAAAAAAAZY week!
Kelly K

Lora said...

Sometimes real life takes over cyberlife. It's the way it should be! Plus, then you have lots to write about, and we have lots to read.

Rachel said...

I think it's perfectly fine that you disappeared for a week. :) We all need a break now and then, you know?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Do those tasty morsels come with cold ketchup?