Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dance for Life!

One of my coworkers lost her grandmother to cancer this year. Cancer is one of those words that when I hear it, I shudder. It scares me as it does most people and when I hear that one has it I think, at least this stupid diabetes thing I can manage somewhat. (I say somewhat because it is way harder then most non-D’s think it is but that’s for another post)

Her mom and her aunts joined up with Relay For Life which is a program from The American Cancer Society. You may have heard of this or maybe even walked in one, which we did a few years back, but it way to have smaller local walks that last overnight and that typically consist of music, food vendors, some special presentations. Always a great event to combat a great threat.

One thing her family is doing is planning a “club night” fundraiser. They found a local hotel that has a nightclub in which they are going to hold a private party on a Sunday night just to raise money for the ACS. The hotel doesn’t even open up the club on Sunday nights so for them it’s a win too.

They have a friend of theirs DJ, a guy who makes tacos on the spot for a buck a piece, and of course the bar from the hotel will be opened too. All for a 5 dollar cover charge and all that money goes right to the ACS! So cool!

Jasmine and I already have tickets and plan to dance the night away.

Walks are awesome but dancing is awesomtastical!

In a weird coincidence I got a call at work yesterday from a volunteer at the ADA. He wanted to know why Team Beat the Bete has not signed up for the walk this year. I wanted to tell him that from now on all my walks are going to be for the JDRF and that I need to focus on the organization that is working for my best interests. Since I am a Type 1 and I know I am in the minority as far as diabetes camps goes, the ADA is not really my choice.

Don’t get me wrong ADA, I think you do well what you do for who you do it for. ;) I just don’t think Type 1’s are a major focus of yours.

Anyhow, I told him that my family and I are planning a trip to Vegas the weekend of the walk for my sister’s 40th birthday which is the truth!

So when is the D dance party because I am ready to pay my money and get my dance on!?!


Mark said...

I feel the same way regarding the ADA. I now support the JDRF & have gone to dinner with a few volunteers. We all long and hope for the same thing: A world free from diabetes.

Now about that dancing thing... :)

Auntly H said...

well, shoot! I really like the Tour de Cure, but I hear you re: ADA. Since my best friend is a T2 and rode w/me this year, I think I'll keep the Pancremaniacs rolling.

As for that dance thing. I'm thinking your team should get it started. Maybe it could be a world wide event....

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is a really good idea, and kudos to them for organizing it all!

I feel the same way about ADA / JDRF, for the most part, but Auntly H did talk me into riding with them on the next Tour de Cure ADA ride (which I'm excited and terrified about). :-)

Anonymous said...

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