Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Last Assist

I am a people person. You may have gathered that from the way I write and the things I write about. I love making friends, and I have many I am thankful to say.

So at work, many of the people that work at the companies I deal with on a daily bases become friends. Sure most live in other states and I will never meet them but talking to a person everyday, at least for me, causes a connection and a friendship can blossom.

Last week one of those people that I talk to almost daily, with whom I have inside jokes with, whom I have actually met a few times, who has helped me out in several sticky situations, had a heart attack. She is 49 years old with 2 kids. And now, she is lying in a hospital in a coma.

I call the company she works for every morning to check on her condition. I pray for her and her family hoping they don’t lose hope and praying for strength to get through whatever is coming.

This morning I was told that there is no hope. They are taking her off of oxygen tomorrow and then only time will tell, but my friend Maria will never come back.

It’s awful that it takes things like this to get me to remember how short life is. I should know this. My dad died at 43. He was 7 years older than I am now! Why do we worry about tomorrow when today can be so awesome?

It was like last night when we saw Harry Potter. When the movie started Gillian nudged me with her elbow to signal her excitement. I could see her smiling and the screen and holding back a shout of joy when she saw the title.

I started tearing up.

Life is too short. Life is uncertain. All those things we know, and see on magnets, and yet still we continue to worry about tomorrow without living today.

I can’t do that. After hearing about Maria last week something went off in my head. Which was when I decided to have the little adventure with my family on Saturday. It’s what made sure I did not blow off the club fundraiser thing on Sunday and which had me out until 1AM on Monday searching my city for Geocache (a post is coming about that).

Seven years is nothing and who knows when my time is due. I have WAY more health issues than my dad so how can I sit here and not make every day a memory with my kids? I have to. I love them so I have to. My mom and dad were divorced so my memories were made every other weekend. I am with my kids everyday and every day is a gift.

I hate that Maria’s situation has ignited a spark in me that should have been there already.

But if anything, I can say she helped me out one last time.


CALpumper said...

Prayers going out to Maria and her family.

(((hugs))) to you.

I am sorry Maria, her family and you are going through this. It stinks that tragedy sparks a renewed view on life but at the same time, it's good.

Life is about the good and bad. Hopefully we learn from both.

Wyldceltic1 said...

This is why I am the nutcase that I am. I was 3 mo. preemie, and have had to fight for just about anything. I'm hoping that Maria also finds that spirit that does not accept the 'no hope'.

My family was told I could be severely retarded and handicapped and could end up in a care facility for life.

GPA of 3.8, own my own home, have a job I love, I do hope she will also prevail above the naysayers.

JaimieH said...

So sorry to hear about your friend...prayers going up

The words you write are so very true...we must live for today because tomorrow is not promised...


Carol said...

I'm so sorry about what your friend and her family are going through right now. But I bet she would be thrilled at the impact it is having on your life, and now others who are reading your blog.

I was listening to Max Lucado talk about living in the moment last week, and one thing has really stuck with me.

"Today is a like a sweepstakes, but you must be present to win."

So if I want to win at "today" I can't be stuck in yesterday, or worried about tomorrow.

Wendy said...

Prayers for Maria and her family -- and for you as you soak up the harsh reality that no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

A good friend once asked me a question when I was upset with my kids about something trivial. She said "Do you want to die on this mountain?" Meaning, right now -- in this minute -- are you living the way you want to be remembered forever? Do want this anger to be your final good-bye?

That really stuck with me. When things start getting crazy, I stop and ask myself about the mountain.

You gotta live without regrets.

PS -- We're big Geocachers too!!!!!

Windy said...

Sorry to hear about Maria, George.

I really loved this post though.

Karen said...

Oh George, what a beautiful post. I have tears in my eyes. Yes, we all need to live for today, because we have no way of knowing what tomorrow brings. I'm so sorry to hear about Maria. I know she is proud the have assisted you one more time.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great post G-Money. Great post.

tMac said...

Your heart sings through. And your family is blessed, as am I. For as long as we have, we have you. Thanks for reminding us how precious the life we have been given is.