Monday, July 27, 2009

Roche Social Media Summit

The lack of posts from yours truly last week was due to the Roche Social Media Summit I was attending.

I am not a fan of reinventing the wheel and here is a good chance for you to check out some of the awesome people I met. So here are some great posts about the social media summit (And a fun one too!) Go read, look at pictures (I took some with my iPhone but they look awful), and then come back and read my take.

What I loved:

  • Meeting all these wonderful people that I had only dreamed of meeting.
  • Seeing those that I have met before and whom I missed dearly.
  • Roche for extending a hand to us and keeping good on their promise of not “being a commercial.”
  • Seeing how test strips are made.
  • Feeling so powerful among my blogging brothers and sisters.
  • Knowing that we do make a difference and trying to figure out how we can work together better.
  • People shouting “GEORGE!” when I walked in at dinner. (I get surprised that people are excited to see me. It is usually the other way around.)
  • When the Roche exec asked me, “so what’s up with these people shouting your name when you walked in!” LOL
  • Lots of Diet Soda and Bacon at breakfast.
  • Laughing and Crying with people I love.
  • Hugs.

What I did not like:

  • Missing Sara.
  • Almost missing my flight home.
  • Not having enough time with my friends.
  • When the Roche exec asked me, “So you call yourself a ‘Ninja.’ What exactly does that mean?” LOL
  • Tim.
  • Sitting on the plane home, alone in my thoughts, and wiping away tears that I could not stop for the life of me.

One thing you should know is that Diet Coke in Indiana sometimes comes with a surprise!

Look for more on the summit later this week.


Lorraine said...

This was a great post. Made me smile lots. Love the picture of Scott! Thanks for posting!

Sara said...

Aww! Thanks George!

I don't think I would like that prize inside of my Diet Coke.

Cherise said...

Awww! Great Post! LoL, the pic of Scott is hilarious. I know Sara missed you and Kerri

Lea said...

great pictures- It makes me so happy that you all got to be together like that!

George said...

Lorraine - I love that pic!

Sara - I really did miss you a bunch.

Cherise - I missed you too so we need to plan a Red Robin trip soon!

Lea - I really think we need to plan our own event where every one can come. We need to unite and work together to get diabetes on the map and in the minds of people to help raise money for a cure. That is my hope.

Kassie said...

I was very glad to see your name and face among the summit attendees!

Scott said...

Ninjas aren't supposed to get all mushy over these things ... they're supposed to say "when's the next get-together?"! Be sure to visit the Flickr photo group Chris Bishop set up, as we're all downloading our photos there!

k2 said...

I miss you like a million G Ninja!
Kelly K

CALpumper said...

You made me grin.
You are The Ninja my friend.

Amazing. Just amazing are you.

Much love Dbro.

Nicole P said...

Curious about Tim... :P

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark said...

-Sorry, goofed on the first one-

Is it me or does Scott appear to be wearing a very tiny red dress?

Just sayin'... :D

ninnifur said...

Haha I wish Diet Coke here had a little tiny red dress wearing scott and k2's head popping out of it!! hahah

When I read this and others posts the first time I thought Tim was a real person and couldn't believe you guys were talking bad about him when he would obviously read this! hahaha Then I read someones blog who explained it!

Scott K. Johnson said...


Oh man - I'm SO glad I FINALLY had an opportunity to wear that little red number I bought... Sigh.

Seriously though - it was really awesome to see you again, although our time was WAY too short. And there were many I missed too, but hopefully we'll get to do it again soon.