Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIV! Thank Goodness, I Vlogged!

This Vlog is a long time coming. I will say no more.



CALpumper said...

Way. Awesome.
Way. Funny.

Thanks for sharing!! Hooray for vlogging!

wv: cater

George knows how to cater to the DOCs needs.

Cherise said...

Hi G and Nicole.

G- I already know you! thnx for introducing me to Nicole.

Sara said...

And thus continues my inability to accurately predict people's voices! :)

Seaport Village! I've been there!

Scott K. Johnson said...

NICOLE!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Oh man - I SO wish I could have been there!

You guys cracked me up - the chewbacca thing sent me over the edge!

Karen said...

Oh how fun!!! It made me miss San Diego - we stayed right there at Seaport Village in the Manchester Grand Hyatt! It made me miss you too. :)

Mark said...

I'm responding late, BUT, the video was very cool! Love the storytelling. :D

Cue intro music...

tMac said...

OK, WAY TOO fun! Man, I miss LA already, and that was what, just a week ago? When is my next business trip out? I think I'll make one up just to come and hang! GREAT vlog post G!