Friday, September 04, 2009

Allison Blass Saved My Auss

This Vlog tells the tale of how Allison Blass saved my behind. It's a long one but I think it's worth it. She's awesome!

Oh and the other person mentioned is my buddy Sandra Miller. She's awesome too!



CALpumper aka Crystal said...

The George is loverly.
Takes one to know one Dbro. ;-)

Great vlog!! Thanks for sharing.

I was imagining you as a basket weaver in a circus.....hmmmm.

The D-OC rocks, no doubt.

Mark said...

Amazing grace! It's awesome that we all help each other in many ways.

Long live the D-OC!

The Mindful Diabetic said...

You are so right about the DOC! Even though many of us have never met face to face, we all support and take care of one another. If someone is in need, we all jump in to help. I am so glad to have you guys in my corner!

Great vlog, you are such a good story teller! Hugs!

Kerri. said...

Loverly vlog post, SuperG. And you are a heckuva storyteller!!

I'm sure you would have made a wonderful basketweaver. Just sayin'.

Lee Ann Thill said...

LOL, so awesome!! Sound effects, reenactment... I was on the edge of my seat!

Also, I love your hat.

Psst... Don't tell anyone, but I know how to weave baskets.

Mike said...


Allison Blass said...

Wow! I lived it and that was a great story. LOL.

You're welcome a million times and I would save your "auss" again in a heartbeat.

Big hugs!

Sara said...

I've also weaved a basket before (at a basket factory in Ohio - believe it or not!) :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I freaking love this vlog post man.

And I second on the hat being pretty dang cool too.

AND - you would be great in the circus. Just stay away from the clowns. And the horses. And Michael Bolton.

Scott said...

I have to admit, after hearing this story I was wondering if you were having a hypo, but then again, knowing you, it IS your way of telling a story!! Anyway, I'm glad Allison was around to save you ... who else would I share diet Coke with Bacon with?!!

k2 said...

OVE the story, love that the DOC helps one another in SO many ways, and yes, I LOVE YOUR HAT!

As far as basket weaving- I tried it once, in Diabetes Camp. Was I good at it? Not so much!