Friday, September 18, 2009

Endo Appointment & Still Sick

I feel worse than I did yesterday. My cough has achieved a new level of sound and velocity and my nose will not stop running. I am taking antibiotics, cough syrup (YUCK!), and an antihistamine.

This afternoon I have an endo appointment so that should be good. I am looking forward to see what effect the CGM had on my a1c. I still have to get it drawn so it will be a week before I know.

And didja notice that number on the right? huh? didja? I was shocked to see I had lost a pound. I have not had much of an appetite due to all the coughing but I have not exercised or moved much either, oh well I'll take it.

Have a great weekend.


David Edelman said...

I hope you feel better, George! Being sick ain't no fun. Losing 1 lbs is. Perhaps there should be a #silverlinings hash tag as well as #blamediabetes. :)

Kerri. said...

Nice job on the 38, SuperG. And I'm sorry you're sick. I'm thinking of you, and passing the virtual Kleenex.

k2 said...

Feel better SOON! have considered a Netti Pot- they REALLY help!
Way to go on losing a pound- KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Cherise said...

I hope you feel better soon!!!! Congrat's in shedding 1 pound. You lost it, I gained it...haha

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go on the poundage home skillet. You've earned it! Small steps, small changes.

And since you've got to be sick anyway, might as well take whatever good can come of it, right?

Hope you feel better soon man.

Tracy said...

I started using the CGM a week or so ago and am hoping for some better A1c results. Good luck to you.

I moved from the US to the UK and when I get my A1C done here its just a finger prick and they tell me what the result is pretty much like 15 minutes later. Crazy lol

Bernard said...

George, I hope your lungs and nose clear up really quickly. Good job on getting to 38, can't wait to see next Friday.