Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Power Realized

As I surf around the DOC and check out all the blogs and communities springing up everywhere I realize that we are a powerful bunch.

Or I should say, we have the ability and potential to be a powerful bunch. Just imagine if all of us worked together on one thing and focused on one thing, the changes we can make in the world?

We do all focus on diabetes most of the time which is great. I have seen a bunch of blogs pop up the past few days all about American Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day which is coming up quickly. It is great to see.

Manny has put together The Big Blue test that should also be a great way to unify so many of us and get us all focused on one thing. I love it all.

And this is where I am stuck. I want to do more. I want to give more. I know I can but what do I do?

I try to be involved with all I can online and be apart of different communities but I want more. I want to do more. I know I can.

This goes back to a post from a LONG time ago about looking for a purpose. Why is it that I never feel like I am done or finished or have found what it is I am supposed to be doing?

When I was in school I always heard teachers say to my parents, "George has so much potential" but potential for what? To do what? Sell ovens? Rent movies? Spin records? What?

It's funny but I feel like it's so close, just around the corner.

Something's coming, I don't know what it is but it is gonna be great!


Scott K. Johnson said...

And I am honored to be right there with you when you find it. :-)

Cherise said...

I'm with you! Hahaaha I know something is coming for you! I think I see a few speaking engagements in your future:)

tmana said...

Many of us are in that predicament. We don't have the formal training to be CDEs, but we have the life training to be coaches and mentors.

There is a program, Peers for Progress, that's said it wants to create a cadre of trained peer mentors -- something we do in an unofficial capacity, and something which we might be able to bring into our local communities. I've not heard much formally from them, though I'm interested in the idea.

I'm not sure if our best approaches to this will be through our local ADA chapters, our local physicians or (where they exist) diabetes education centers, our towns, school districts, or churches. I know you have done a lot of diabetes education, missionary work, and "witnessing" through your church, and that your faith is one of the things that sees you through your rough times. Perhaps it's time to get together with some of the other "out" diabetics in your church and form a church-based support group, and/or see if a program exists through your church.

Another option (which I fell through on this year) is to take out a booth or table at your town's (and other local towns') health fair, to pimp the DOC. I know that a number of the online communities will help you with materials to hand out to PWD and T3s looking for places to get support (I had a lot of support from them when doing my presentation at the Trenton Computer Festival this past April).

Kelly Rawling said...

Although much of this world--and the D online community--is about big numbers (the diabetes epidemic, more costs, more followers, more fans, more ?), don't let that diminish the work you've done on a person-to-person basis.

Each individual who you meet and, in some way, inspire to
-seek help
-feel empowered
-take action for diabetes
creates good that grows exponentially.

Each one teach one. Small scale or large, all the efforts are worthy.

Traci said...

I see the inspiration for your next video-- a diabetes music video complete w/ record spinning and a ninja or two. You'll take the VMA's by storm next year and raise awareness globally while going platinum.

George, thanks for your great example! You were one of the first blogs I could actually get my husband to read because of your unique perspective and approach. Just don't forget us when you get to the top! Best wishes in whatever you do.

Jaimie said...

I feel ya on this post!...and things are coming your way!

Love Kelly's response too!

Cara said...

If you check my last blog post, you'll see I totally understand. LOL
Finding what you're meant to do can be rough. Even if it's not figuring out your whole life, just what you want to do to help in the Diabetes community.
Good luck and I'll be praying for you. :) You never know where doors may open up.