Monday, November 09, 2009

D-Blog Day - Letters

Hey George, 
How are you doing? I am still going strong. Destroying some blood vessels, attacking your major organs, and you know, other stuff I would rather not be too specific about just so you don't get in the way like you have in the past.

I remembered when you first started this whole blogging thing. Dang you really ticked me off. You used to not test your blood and eat whatever you wanted. Oh, I had a field day with your nerves, especially in your feet. But then you met all these people and started learning about stuff and you kind of slowed down my work. I was not happy with you mister and still have not gotten over it.

Then you heard about insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors and just had to have all that stuff too. Big deal, I am still here. You didn't get rid of me. You really have annoyed me though. My work has been slowed down but, it has not stopped. 

In fact, I should be honest with you George since we have had over 19 years together. I almost had you last night. I know, I know, you were pretty sure you had things under control but I almost had you.

Remember when you woke up sweaty and feeling crumby and you knew your BG was low. Remember how you could not wake up your wife and then how you thought that maybe she just wanted you to die? That maybe she was on my team? 

And then when you started thinking about how great your day was yesterday and all the stuff you did, and how you had a good day fighting me. Remember that?

All those thoughts were me, I was trying to get sneaky and finally move in for the win but you mustered up enough energy to sit up and when your wife woke up, I knew it was over. Oh well. 

There will be more chances soon enough. I am patient.

Hey I know you hate me, and you think I suck and all that but honestly, at least I provide you with blogging material.

Yours forever,

Dear Diabetes,

I do hate you and you do suck. But I am lucky that I have found hundreds of people who fight you everyday. Who teach me about perseverance and hope. People who are there for me all the time and who hate you as much as I do.

If it were not for all this blogging and Tweeting and the online community you would have won. I was ready to throw in the towel and be done. But now I plan to fight until the bitter end. No matter what, I will continue to march on and take you down one day at a time.

Last night, I could tell my thoughts were out of wack. Why would my wife want you to win? Why would I start replaying the day as if I was just daydreaming? I knew I was low, what the heck was wrong with me?

I knew it was you making me think about different things and putting thoughts into my head. That was when I found the energy to sit up and turn on my lamp. I could hardly push the button because I was shaking. I had to do it, so I did.

Diabetes, you may be around for a while but I plan on slowing you down if not stopping you completely if a cure is ever found. I have not given up hope.

I will say, that although you are the basis of this blog, you are not the only thing I write about. In fact, if I was cured I was still write and still connect with my online family. I love them and I love that we are there for each other.

So watch out diabetes, you have one heck of a fight on your hands.



Nan said...

you go, NinjaB!!

Rachel said...

darn diabetes.

how many of us would have started blogging without it? would we have found something else to write about? who knows? (hmm - who cares? it is what it is after all)

(And I posted about something you posted about back in April that has nothing to do with diabetes in my own post today...)

Casey said...

::linking arms to form a line:: putting on grimace to show how tough I am.

We WILL take you down, DM... We WILL.

k2 said...

kelly k

Patrick McConnell said...

Great Post...

Scott S said...

A well-thought letter!!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

*Fist bump* Well said, hermano.

babscampbell said...

You GO Boy! You're an inspiration NinjaB!

Karen said...

You tell 'em, George!! You are stronger than The D. And with all of us together, it doesn't stand a chance!!

meanderings said...

Well done, George!

Sandra Miller said...

This was a really good one, George.

Very inspiring.

Crystal said...

You Rock my friend. Great letter. I should start doing this....seems very therapeutic.
Happy Dblog Day!

wv: fugat
I almost fugat... #LYLB. ;-)

Molly said...

Great! Loved it.
Dam diabetes.

JaimieH said...

Amazing post Bro! #LYLB just really wow! Love it...

~Suzanne~ said...

Awesome post!! I love my diabetes family, too... some things are stronger than diabetes :)

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