Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Tube Tuesday #145

Since this Saturday is World Diabetes Day and November is National Diabetes Awareness month, it is fitting that this video is featured today.

The Making Sense of Diabetes video contest that ran during the month of October has been completed and a FANTASTIC compilation video was put together. I am very proud to announce that the video Scott and I made won for the week we submitted so there are clips from it in this video. In fact, below this video is a list of the all the winners.

There were so many awesome videos submitted. I suggest you check them all out when you can.


Winners of the Making Sense of Diabetes contest were:

  • Dennis Adair, PA
  • Fabiana Couto, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Patricia Harmon, NJ
  • Scott Johnson, MN
  • Andrew Jones, CA
  • Terry Keelan, CA
  • Joseph Nielsen, TX
  • George Simmons, CA
  • Bill Woods, CT
  • Lorraine, CT


Traci said...

Good reminder. I've had the chance to look at several videos and am amazed by all the creative ideas everyone came up with. Thanks for sharing!

babscampbell said...

Thanks for the compilation video. What a great job. It's a wonderful reminder for those who support us that diabetes really does affect our entire beings. . not just the food we put in our mouths.

My favorite line is: Diabetes doesn't smell, it STINKS! You betcha!

ninnifur said...

awesome! I got chills! i LOVED yours and scotts video :) you guys are too cute!!

k2 said...

YAY & BACON for all the winners!