Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lake Minataka

So I finally spent some time in the garage last night working out and let me tell you, hitting a speed bag continuously throughout Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” is not as easy as it sounds. I hit the heavy bag through “Take Me With you” and stretched through “The Beautiful ones.” “Computer Blue” really worked for my sit ups which I was able to do a lot more then I ever thought I could and “Darling Nikki” required a water break and maybe an interpretive dance (does that count as cardio?). When I flipped my cassette over after I cut short “DN” due to that weird reverse speaking part at the end, I started bench pressing weight to “When Doves Cry” and man I may have joined in with the doves near the end there! Then the one-two punch of “I Would Die 4 U” & “Baby I’m a Star” that took me into the toughest part of my work out. “IWD4U” was a combo of leg presses and some curls but “BIAS” was so great that I could not help myself and ended up hitting the speed bag until the final cool down and stretching during “Purple Rain”

My iPod died so cassettes are all I have to choose from until I get it back from Apple. Thank you Prince. Thank you Lisa and Wendy. And thank you oh waters of Lake Minataka.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Dude - that sounds like an AWESOME workout! You'll be sore, for sure, but the best way to get unsore is to work out again. Give your muscles time to recover, but keep moving!

Gerry O'Dowd said...

Hey George,
From Minnesota- "Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes"-I'm am correcting your spelling- that's Lake Minnetonka
Maybe there is a lake Minitaka, but I bet you are referring to Minnetonka....
They even have a Lake O'Dowd!!!