Friday, January 20, 2006


To those of you who know me this will come as no surprise but I have discovered, by the help of many websites and family members, that I am a tad OCD. I tend to get very obsessive about things in my life. Not in a way that I find hinders my life but it is definately there.

With that, I am quite the creature of habit and if I do not incorporate something into my daily routine then it just doesn't happen. So now I can tell you that I am seriously becoming an exercise freak! I have the weight bench, punching bag, AND I moved the tread mill from my bedroom into the garage. All of these great tools to get healthy are at my disposal and since I started exercising, i have not been able to stop.

I think about it all day. As i stretch and feel the burning in my stomach from sit-ups, I get excited about pushing myself to do even more then I did last night. And when I walk around the office, I feel the pain in my legs knowing that I worked my tush off last night (although there is still a lot of tush left to lose!).

It's such a great feeling. That pain is a reminder of all the work I have done but getting back to the OCD thing. Everything I read says that I should take days off to rest but that is just not possible for someone like me. If I don't exercise each day then I know I will not continue. Wish me luck and hopefully I will not strain myself to the point that I cannot even step on the scale tomorrow for my first weigh-in!

My first weeks results tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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