Sunday, January 22, 2006

That's my boy!

So I lost one pound this week. WHOOP DEE DO! LOL I shouldn't be like that friends. A pound is a pound and hey, at least I didn't gain right? Anyhow, now that I have my little routine going I need to make some better choices food wise. I will have to talk more about that tomorrow.

I have better news!

My son's soccer team just whooped butt this weekend and are now the Area E Champions! I am so proud of him and his team. This being his rookie year playing soccer makes it all the more sweet. Finally a sweetness that doesn't jack up my BG! LOL

Oh by the way, how great is my wife? Last night she made Pazookies with sugarfree cookies and no sugar added Vanilla Ice Cream and topped it all off with Sugar Free Hot Fudge!

I am one blessed guy no doubt!

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