Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Do you see what I see?

I am used to my arm moving around in the wind or a few minutes after I was just waving to someone but all the movement I am used to happens on the bottom part of my arm. So what is this?

There is this strange bump under my skin that moves a little when I grab a hold of something. Almost as if, nah... could it be muscle? I have heard of them before but I don't think I have officially been introduced to them. Wow!

So, I guess the pain I feel all over my body is a good thing? It may not be much friends but I actually see movement in my arms and chest when I flex! Who knew I could see some minor (major to me) results so quickly. My legs have always been strong since they have to carry around my fat ass so at least my legs look decent.

Now what to do with this Ice Cream scooper booty? Hmmmm......

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