Friday, January 27, 2006

Let Freedom Sing or Rap I Guess

Being a musician, music is a big part of my life. I love the way "Rage Against the Machine" makes me want to drive faster, "Jane's Addiction" can mellow me out, and "Kenny Rogers" can take me back to Highway 1 heading towards Cabo San Lucas. I cannot imagine my life without music.

Well, with this new workout aspect of my life, I have found that music can make or break my exercise routine. I made the mistake of choosing this old cassette (I just got my iPod back from Apple!) that was a mix tape I made long long ago. Well, the first couple of songs were good but when a Creed song came on, I had to dash to the radio to shut it off! What the hell was I thinking?!??! Oh please, I hope no one heard that crap streaming from under my garage door! I freaked out and had to start digging in old boxes to find something to redeem myself with.

Luckily, staring at me from atop a pile o' tapes was C & C's Music Factory! I threw that in and let Freedom's (Williams that is) sound fill my garage and fuel my workout. Whatever happened to that guy? And seriously, how can you NOT want to sweat when you are singing "Gonna make you sweat!" Awesome.

FYI - He'll make you sweat til you bleed.

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