Thursday, February 02, 2006

Don't believe the slogan!!!!

I received a call last Friday that I was needed to do a presentation to a hospital in Las Vegas on the 31st. I was set up to fly in, do the presentation, and fly out. This is all for work by the way. Now, I always get nervous about these sorts of trips. I am not fearful of flying; my fear is the rest of the trip.

Will I make it to the airport on time? Did my son leave his Laser Tag gun in the bottom of my carry-on? Am gonna end up in a back room somewhere with nothing but bright lights and latex gloves? I am usually freaked out until I get in my seat on the plane and then I quickly fall asleep, even before take off. And of course, I made it to Ontario Airport with enough time to go over my presentation about 100 times and triple count the number of hand-outs I needed.

The flight was delayed as soon as I got on the runway. The pilot received a call that Las Vegas had too many planes coming in and we would have to wait for a slot for about a half an hour. No biggie. I was in the Emergency Exit aisle and was trying my best to stay awake for a while. I do enjoy take off. That is always kind of cool. Anyhow, we only waited about 15 minutes before we had clearance to take off and we were in Vegas after about 5 songs on my iPod.

I met up with our salesmen at Baggage Claim and we headed off to pick up lunch for all of the guests that were going to be there. 30 in all! We went to this little but awesome deli and picked up some great sandwiches. I decided to go with a chicken salad sangwich (like my mother would say) and was very excited about having a chaser to those awesome peanuts I chowed down on the plane.

The presentation went well despite all the butterflies in my tummy. As soon as all of the guests left the auditorium, my associates and I decided to finally dig in to our meal. I went into the bathroom and checked my blood sugar. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! 1 for the first prick that was not enough blood, 1 for the second prick that felt more like a stabbing, and 1 for my blood sugar when I saw how high it was! I took a healthy shot of insulin and headed back into the auditorium to eat. Well, after the 2nd bite of my sandwich, I thought I was going to get sick. I cannot describe what it tasted like because I don’t want to lose my lunch! Let’s just say that I will not order Chicken Salad for a while. One of the salesmen with me offered half of his sandwich to me since he could tell that I was not digging on mine.

Oh my gooses! This sandwich had pastrami, turkey, roast beef, and I think rainbows and happiness were cooked in there too! It was an awesome sandwich. I was so happy and inhaled the thing as quickly as I could just in case the sunshiny magical goodness within the sandwich might escape or something!

After a Diet Pepsi and a quick packing of my laptop, projector, and countless cables, we headed off to the airport for me to catch my flight home. As soon as I got into the terminal, my tie was off, my top button unbuttoned, and I was ready for my 30 minute nap on the plane. Wait a minute, I have plenty of time for a beer and a smoke so I headed off to a nearby bar in the terminal for a few sins before I left Sin City. I rarely ever drink beer BTW, Vegas brings out the worst in me and most I guess.

After I landed and drove home I rested and my wife had prepared a great meal, as usual (she is quite the chef!). Well, I checked my Blood and WOAH!


When will I figure out that no matter where I go my Diabetes goes? I know it seems silly but I can’t be the only one who makes this mistake sometimes.

On a good note I lost more weight! The old scale read 210 to me this morning!!! I love her, she is a good scale and has been good to me. I should buy her something huh?


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey George!

Great post - lots of chuckles and grins here reading it!

I don't travel much, but whenever I get knocked out of my usual routine it throws me off a bit.

Great news on the weight, keep it up (or maybe I should say down)!

George said...

Thanks man. I appreciate your support!

Kerri. said...

Hi George!

I've come across your blog through Scott's and I'm rooting for you, too. I've been a Type 1 diabetic since I was six years old (I'm 26 now) and I understand the struggle with numbers of all kinds. I'll be checking in on you often to see how things are going.

Let me know if there is anything I can to do help support you!