Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

I love my iPod! It is fantastic being able to take 1700 of my favorite songs and Podcasts with me wherever I go. I plug it into the stereo in the garage (The Simmons Gym) and rock out, I have little speakers on my desk at work, a stereo in my bedroom with an iPod input on it, and of course in my car. AND I always have my earbuds with me in case me and my Pod need some alone time.

Now I should share with you that I received my iPod from Some may call this a scam and I guess I could somewhat agree with that but not a rip off.

It works like this, sign up on the site, sign up for an offer, and get 5 unique people to sign up for an offer. That’s it and after you have completed all of that you get a new iPod in the mail. Now, the part that gets scary is if you sign up for let’s say a free teeth whitening kit, it will cost you around 5 bucks shipping to get it. Then, if you like the sample, do nothing and in 7 days they will send you the full kit using your credit card and costing only 60 bucks! So, the key is to make sure you cancel as soon as you receive credit from the site showing that you have completed an offer. If you forget to cancel then you will be out some more money but you will have teeth whiter than snow. I just wanted to let you all know that it does work but unfortunately I am getting nothing for this little plug.

Speaking of plugs and iPods, I must mention my favorite Podcast called Diabetic Feed. I stumbled across it a few months back just wanted to see if there was a Podcast all about diabetes. I was shocked to see that my search came up with a few hits. So far, DF is my favorite. Each week it is chock full of diabeticy goodness, from news to tips to great interviews! I love it and look forward to my drive home each Monday night when I listen to the new episodes.

I have to tell you that the first few times I listened to it, I got very depressed. I felt alone, destined to be blind, limbless, and on dialysis. I felt sorry for myself and would always end up holding back tears each time I heard the ending tag line of “have a healthy week.”

Why? Because I know I am not healthy? Because I have a disease? Because I have no hope and no one in my life like me? Because the majority of diabetics are Type 2’s and I am rare?

But then a funny thing happened. I found that I was not alone at all. I found these fantastic blogs online about Type 1’s like me. I heard about advances and new drugs to help and all these scientists working on a cure. I started this little blog of my own to document my weight loss challenge but I have actually found that it’s a great forum to share my feelings and hopefully help someone who may be feeling the same way I was. The best thing about writing this blog is that I have met some new friends. My ‘bete buddies!

It’s cool just knowing that there is a community out there that I can connect with. Who knew that for 15 years, I have been missing out on my “peeps” (as my son would say) and taking comfort in knowing that I am not alone.

So I guess the points of this post are get an iPod, listen to Diabetic Feed (even if you are not diabetic, education is good!), start your own blog if you feel so inclined, and lastly post a comment! I love to meet new friends, ‘Bete buddy or not!


Kerri. said...

Hey George!

You are officially the only person I know who has actually rec'd a free iPod from that email bit. I thought it was scammish so I didn't do it. You may have just restored my faith in ... scams, I guess.

And Diabetic Feed is a cool site. Christel and John run a terrific information forum and they are nice to me when they call. :)

I've linked you from Six Until Me today, and you've also been officially tagged!


Anonymous said...

HI!!! GEORGE!!!!!! Finally i get to the sight, thanks for making it so i dont have to sign up!!!

Hugs- Lisa

diabeticfeed said...


First off - you rock. It takes guts to open yourself up for the world to see.

Congrats on sharing your own journey with diabetes, and we love the fact that you listen to our podcast. :)

It's so hard sometimes to keep positive about a disease that seems to be all about the negative things that *could* happen...and it's harder when there aren't people around who know exactly what you're talking about. Glad you spoke up. It's nice to hear another voice in the ever-expanding community. We look forward to hearing from you.

Christel & John

Anonymous said...
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