Friday, March 31, 2006

I can see the light!

I have received my approval to see an Endocrinologist so I immediately made an appointment. Of course the soonest opening is April 26th! Almost a month away! Oh well, it could be worse.

I am going to ask him about getting started on a pump. A good friend sent me a book on Pumping that I have been reading between work, sleep, and trumpet practice! If you have any thoughts on what I should ask about before my appointment, I would love to hear from you.

In case you were wondering...

I have been asked to play trumpet at our Easter Service at church. I am a drummer and guitar player but I did play trumpet a long long time ago. I have no chops at all but I am getting better each day. I think I need a lesson in saying no once in a while.

Speaking of saying "yes" all the time and just being busy pretty much all week long, I was looking forward to this Saturday all week. No plans, no commitments, zilch. zip. nada! Just time to chillax (a sweet new word that means chill+relax. like you didn't figure that out!) and hang out at home.


The in-laws are coming down from San Francisco to stay with us this weekend. I am very happy to see them, I just hope they don't want any of the typical entertaining from me. I am so wiped out that a wink and a smile might be all they get out of me.

I'll make it a good wink I promise and maybe i'll throw on a wacky hat too!

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Shannon said...

If you want to go on the pump, you have to do the following:

Log your numbers and carbs

Count carbs

Test at every meal and then in between

You pretty much have to go above and beyond what you would do if you were actually on the pump just to show that you are able to put in the work it takes to be on the pump.

Being on the pump is a lot of work during the first month, but then after it seems to get easier...

If you have any more questions...just ask me :)