Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My First Endo Appointment

After passing the building and flipping a U-turn I pulled into a Hospital Parking lot that was packed. I found a spot in the neighboring county and made my way over the 7 story building. With my log in hand and my heart racing, I jumped in the first available lift and pressed the lucky number for a quick ride to the top floor.

When I entered room 702 I was excited to see a big poster about Insulin Pumping classes being offered by Medtronic, A bunch of leaflets and handouts about diabetes care in several languages and a vast array of diabetes health magazine sprawled out on the coffee table. I signed in and was quickly handed a clipboard full of forms I had to fill out. I always hate the fact that I have several “yes” answers on past medical issues. And the medical history section is also depressing. Having to list my father as deceased from a heart attack at age 43 always brings me down a little. But at least marking my children as both being in excellent health brightens me up a bit.

After paying my co-payment I get called almost immediately. The nurse was very nice and upbeat. She mistakenly set the large weight on the scale at 150. I could have leaned over and given her a kiss for that. I told her, “you gotta keep moving that one over” which produced a giggle and a wink from her. I felt my heart rate slow down a little. I like this place.

I sat in a room covered with many posters about diabetes complications. It would make even the most lax diabetic get there act together. Pictures of foot problems, retinopathy, neuropathy, and so many more that I just closed my eyes and said to myself, “That will not be me. That is why I am here.” I kept my eye on the Medtronic poster explaining the benefits of pumping. If this Endocrinologist says that I cannot get on a pump then I am out of here.

The doctor walked in with a smile and an outstretched arm awaiting a hand shake. He introduced himself and asked how I was doing. I told him that I was a Born Again Diabetic (chuckle) and that I was ready to get my act together, lower my A1C, and get on a pump. He agreed that I looked to be on the right track and that a pump would be extremely beneficial for me. SCORE!

He signed me and my wife up for a carb counting class and an introduction to pumping class at a local hotel on May 3rd. I will be sure and post what that is like. Both of these classes are put on my Medtronic. Boy, they must have some good sales people. They are everywhere! I have some lab work I have to get done. He changed my sliding scale of insulin and my dosage of Lantus at night. He also wants me to check my BG a few more times a day. These are all things I assumed would happen and I am very excited about it. He said that I seemed to be very focused and determined. My primary care physician told him that I went from an A1C of 12.5 to 10 in one month. That, he said, shows that I am getting into better control and moving in the right direction.

On a side note, the beginning of this rebirth truly started when I found out my A1C was so high. I have never posted it before because I was so embarrassed. But I figure that dropping 1.5 points in a month was a sign of doing something right and that I should celebrate that.

I have another appointment with him on the 17th of May to take another step in the “pump” direction. I can’t wait.


Scott K. Johnson said...


That drop in A1C is kick ass!! Every step down is a step in the right direction. Born Again is right.

I got a good chuckle out of the weight thing - good stuff!

Kerri. said...

George, I am so proud of you. You are taking control of this disease and owning it, instead of it owning you.

Congratulations on the terrific drop in your A1c. Congratulations on your Quest for the Pump. Congratulations on finding an Endo that makes your visits comfortable and inspiring. Congratulations on being so honest and so easy to like. :)

I can't wait to check back and read about your progress! Good luck!

Shannon said...

When I saw "My First Endo Appointment", I got sooo excited!!

It sounds like you had a fantastic appt...I'm so so happy for you!!

Don't be embarrassed about your A1C. You did an incredible job dropping it and you're well on your way to be a SBAD (successful born again diabetic)...yes I'm a cornball, LOL.

I'm really so happy for you...didn't I already say that?

Good luck with the pump classes and I look forward to hearing all about them.

Be proud of the fact that you said you wanted to make changes in your life and you've actually made the move to change.

So many people talk the talk, but the don't walk the walk. You are.

julia said...

Good luck to you with pumping. Don't forget, though, to contact other pump companies. Minimed is fine - O uses a MM pump - but you might want to scope out the other pumps, too, to see what's out there. I know one of them has a food database built in, which would come in handy, I'd imagine. You might want to sound out the practise and see if they only do MM pumps - that always raises a bit of a flag with me.

Congrats on getting the a1C down. That's terrific work!

Nicole P said...

Congratulations, George... You're going to do great with the pump -- thanks for letting us follow your progress!


type1emt said...

That's great-congrats on that a1c.(and hopefully, this will be the beginning of a succesful partnership with the new endo.)
Congrats on EVERYTHING!