Thursday, May 04, 2006


Sometimes we receive signs in life that I believe tell us we have made the right decisions and that we are on the correct path. Last night, I received many signs that I am on the right track in my life and that I am a very blessed man.

We arrived at the Hilton in Anaheim at 5:45 PM. I like to get to appointments a little early just to check things out and of course locate the restrooms. My wife had a pad of paper and pen ready to take notes. I had a virtual Q-tip in my ears preparing to take in everything I heard. I was a little concerned about the amount of people attending since the more people, the more uncomfortable I get. I do not like to ask questions when there is a room full of people.

I spotted the arrowed sign directing us to a room for the Medtronic classes. I felt my heart rate increase a little. I stepped in the room and saw 3 people sitting at a 10 foot conference table. Of course they were sitting closest to the door. Jasmine and I walked right up to the very front. I like to sit in front so I can ask questions and also so I won’t fall asleep LOL. I was very happy that the room was small and that it seemed only a few people would be attending.

That was the first sign.

The instructor was a very funny lady named Elaine who has been a diabetic since 1966. She has been on a pump for several years and is a registered nurse. I was hoping that the class would be upbeat and fun. It was! Elaine had me cracking up and I think the rest of the class too but I laugh really loud so who knows if they were digging it. I tend to get bored easily so was very happy that the class was informative and interesting.

This was the second sign.

We learned how to count carbs, treat a low correctly (not eating everything in the kitchen), and most importantly how carbs and all the other stuff in food works. It was great! I have been trying to figure out how much insulin I should take to offset the glucose. WOW How come I could not find a website explaining this to me! I am so glad I am here!!!

Another one.

After the carb counting class was done, Elaine passed out insulin pumps to all of the diabetics and luckily, there was one extra one that my wife grabbed so she could check it out. She spoke about all of the features of their pumps and talked extensively about the FDA approved pumps with the Constant Glucose Monitoring System on it. So sweet. She passed out infusion sets and bottles of saline. We were instructed on how to fill the reservoir, prime the pump, attach the infusion set, and get the pump all ready to go! It was very cool! Then she said, “Alright everyone, stand up!” Um…huh? You want me to put this thing on? I did not know “hands on” meant “needles in” training! I did not expect this!

I was not the only one with a little bit of fear on my face. Many of us looked at each other and joined together in a loud chorus of nervous laughter. “Well George, you want to wear a pump. You should just go for it,” the voice inside me said. “So very true” I replied, “thanks for the wise words. Now go away!” I stood up and was a little surprised my legs worked. I put the plunger on my side and squeezed the two buttons on each side. Click. That’s it? Wow! All of us D’ers looked at each other. Staring blankly a silent conversation of “That was no biggie” “I can’t even feel it” “why didn’t we do this years ago?” was passed between us.

Yet another!

I looked over and my wife was standing up. With her infusion set in hand she lifted her shirt and pressed the two white buttons on the side of the plunger. Snap! I shouted, “Check out my support! My wife is doing it too!” One lady said, “Oh my goodness, can I take her home with me!” I could not even say something cute for fear of spilling tears all over myself. I could not believe it. We sat there side by side, learning, listening, and wearing our pumps. It was the best feeling. My wife is doing something that I do not know that I would ever do. Without speaking I could hear her heart telling mine, “I love you so much that I want to understand as much as I can what you are going through.”

How could anyone miss this sign? I am so very blessed.


Shannon said...

Thanks for making me cry :)

Aside from all that you talked about, the thing that touched me most was what you said about your wife.

The luckiest people are the ones who have someone who loves them as much as your wife loves you and is willing to not only understand what you're going through, but to feel it :)

Kerri. said...

George, I was covered in goosebumps after reading your post.

Your wife is wonderful. So are you.

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a cool post! Your wife's dedication to you is incredible. Yes, you are definitely blessed!

Very good of you to catch all of the signs, and to appreciate them too.

Keith said...

George, this is great! You're going to love the pump and as you've found out, that little inserter device is awesome.

It's super that you have such a supportive spouse to go along with the package too!

art-sweet said...


If I get a pump, does your wife come with it? ;-)


julia said...

I hope my daughter finds someone as compassionate and willing to learn as your wife is.

justme said...

Yeah! for the wonderful woman you have in your life! great having that kind of support! I am not on the pump, and not sure if I will yet. Will come to your wife for advice...

MoM said...

You are so truly blessed!

Your comittment to each other is awesome. My love and blessings to the both of you. Love MoM

What Jasmine did doesn't surprise me she is one of a kind.

Megan said...

Your wife is awesome. Good for her! It sounds like an excellent class, I wish I would have been there.