Wednesday, May 24, 2006

After the Threat

My mother used to work at a grocery store. She once told me a story about a time that the store was robbed. 3 guys came in and held up the store at gun point. One of the robbers went up to my mom and stuck a sawed off shot gun in her cheek and told her to empty her drawer. She complied and gave them all the money. After they left she was told to go home for the rest of the day. She left her work and went to visit my father at work. When he saw her, he was confused and asked why she was there. It was at the moment that the incident caught up with her and she lost it. All the fear of losing her life, who would help Dad take care of us kids, and what if they hurt me badly all came to her. At the time, she did what she had to do and held it all together. After the threat was gone, the reality of it all set in.

I finally understand.

I just got off the phone with my Endo and my A1C is a 7.9

Just 6 months ago it was a 12.5 and ever since then, I have been living in fear. I finally pulled myself together enough to sit down at my desk and type this but tears are still welling up in my eyes making it difficult to see. I am so happy but cannot stop crying. I feel as if the major threat and fear that I never really paid attention to is hitting me hard. I don’t want to go into the lunch room because I am sure I will get a million questions as to what is wrong and frankly, I don’t feel like talking about it since I probably will not be able to talk.

I also just received word that my pump was approved by insurance and I should have it tomorrow.

It feels like I am a child again the night before Christmas. I cannot wait.


Keith said...

Congratulations on such a huge improvement in the A1c!!! I know the lifestyle changes have been very tough, especially considering your on injections. I think the pump will make it much easier to maintain this and hopefully drop it some too. After almost 4 years on the pump mine is still not where I want it to be (my last was 7.3), but I'll keep trying.

Again, kudos to you!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I agree with Keith - kudos to you - big time.

That is a grand improvement in A1C - you should feel very proud of yourself.

There may be a rough period when you first start on the pump - when you're working to get it all adjusted and fine tuned. Don't give up - it will be frustrating, but stick with it! And we're all here to help you!

diabeticfeed said...

Congratulations on two levels. The pump is a wonderful tool to help you on the quest to keep your body (and mind) healthy, and I hope that it will make a difference.
More importantly, congratulations on an absolutely fabulous A1C! We all know how difficult change can be, and you've made a huge transition. (I've been there....and I know the feeling when you see the positive result!) Keep up the great work!


Kassie said...

Oh, congratulations, that is all fantastic! I'm so glad you are out of crisis mode. Good luck with your pump start!

Allison said...

Well, it's official.

You rock. :-)

Congratulations, George.

justme said...

Congrats on the A1c improvement! That is great!

julia said...

Well done, that man!

And what Scott said about the pump. The transition can be tough, but keep at it.

melissa said...

Congratulations! On the A1C and the pump!

George said...

You guys are the best! I just got the package today and I want to go home right now and start reading all this stuff!

I consider all of the OC as my friends and I appreciate all of your kind thoughts and support! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Kerri. said...

HUGE Congratulations to you, George. Your attitude and the smile I can hear as you type your entries makes me smile.

Best of luck with your transition to the pump and we're all here for you when you need us!

Penny said...

George, That is so great!!! Sounds like you've been doing a wonderful job. Congrats on your pump approval too.

Sarah said...

Amazing George!!!!

Shannon said...

Wow, what a great improvement in your A1C.

Like Scott said, just stick with the pump...the adjustment period will get you frustrated, but it will all smooth out in a while.

art-sweet said...


So glad to have you as my fellow new pumping buddy!

art-sweet said...


So glad to have you as my fellow new pumping buddy!