Sunday, May 21, 2006

Poetry Challenge Fun

I do not think I have seen a post lke this out there but ever since I added the word verification thing-a-ma-bob to my site, i have thought of it.

Here is goes...

Click below on the comments and when you see the "word verification" letters, try to write a quick poem (or whatever) using only words that start with each letter.

Example: I just left a comment on Megan's blog and the word verification "word" was


So here it goes. ummmmmmm

Future roads in life, yeild slowly and safely.

Have no clue what that means but it worked! YOU TRY IT!!!

p.s. i know this is pointless but i am bored and have been thinking about this for a while. I had to drag you into my strange world. It gets lonely. =P

UPDATE: So it turns out that Word Verification Poetry has been around forever! And here I thought I was some sort of a pioneer. Oh well!


Kassie said...

oh, don't feel lonely - I've been writing word verification poetry for weeks now :)

trying to figure out
where diabetes fits,
slowly but surely.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ok, my word verification is:


on a side note, this particular word verification is one of the shortest and easy to read ones I've seen in a while. Usually they are a mile long, in some strange wild cursive type, and a bunch of "m"'s next to "n"'s, or "j"'s next to "i"'s. You just can't win!

Ok, back to "txaiqv".

To the dictionary for this one, because I only know a couple words that start with "x"...




The Xenium And Its Quiet Veracity


George said...

Those are awesome! OH NO! I have another word to use.


Happiness undermines negativity just like Jello.

Shannon said...


just when you
start to