Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Gave At The Office

On Monday I had the pleasure of getting an impacted wisdom tooth pulled. OUCH! I was in so much pain that on Tuesday I ended up staying home from work in a Vicodin induced coma. It was both wonderful and awful at the same time. I was asleep pretty much all day until the pain killers wore off and I was in excruciating pain until the new pills kicked in. I am glad I don’t have anymore to pull. Now I wait until I see the Orthodontist to get my braces.

I cannot believe that I am 33 years old and have to get braces. I should have got them when I was 16 but of course we could not afford it at the time. Now that I can, I wish I couldn’t. I am worried that all of my friends are gonna call me metal mouth or brace face and I will get picked last for kickball or something. So tragic! LOL

Honestly, I am looking forward to fixing my smile and having healthier teeth. This is all apart of me getting my body and health in order. It is semi annoying but I know these things have to get done. I think I have the right attitude I just am glad I have this place to bitch a moan a little.

In pump news, I got a call from a Medtronic sales person who checked into my insurance. It looks as though they will cover my pump cost and supplies. Let’s hope that totally works out. I always get worried until I see a bill with nothing owed on it. I had blood drawn on Friday so I am also looking forward to seeing if my A1C has gone down any. It has to have. I mean, I was at 10 in December and a month before that I was at 12.5 so I am hoping to see something better then a 9. I can only hope but my BG has been so much better since November that I am abnormally hopeful.

I am usually the person that expects the worst so I am not let down. I guess that is some sort of defense mechanism but whatever it is, it has always worked for me. I guess all of these things going on in my life have made me much more optimistic about my diabetes and general health. You all will be the first to know when I find out what my A1C is.

FYI – My wife bought some Lifesaver Popsicles home that are sugar free and they are awesome! Thought you should know.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm very sure you will be pleasantly surprised by your A1C.

I've got my endo appt. on Friday (and no, I can't believe it's already been 3 months again...). We'll see how mine is.

Cool news on the insurance thing for the pump, and I laughed at you getting nervous about bills that say you owe nothing - isn't that the truth! I think it's the whole "to good to be true" thing.

Caro said...

You probably think I'm the enemy, being a dentist, but I feel for you with the wisdom tooth. Having my own severely impacted lower right one out while I was in training, with fellow students popping along to gawp every few minutes, ranks as a most unpleasant experience. And as for the day that followed. it's a memory I'd rather forget. Hope you are recovered now though.

Many of my patients seem to look on braces as a fashion accessory, so maybe you can just tell everyone you're setting a trend! Or, seriously, you could look in to getting ceramic brackets. They're white and although not invisible they show a lot less than the metal ones.

Good luck with the A1c, though I'm sure you don't need it - you've worked hard for it and I'm sure you'll get your result.

janej2210 said...

First time I saw an adult with braces was my endocrinologist in Brussels in 1993. I couldn't believe that she was willing to put up with the discomfort for the 12-36 months she told me it would take to get straight teeth.
She thought that was hysterical coming from a person with juvenile diabetes. She's probably still laughing now.
Good luck with the braces and the A1c results.

Shannon said...

I always expect the worse so that if things don't work out, I don't get disappointed.

If the rep says the pump is covered, then it will be....

Good luck with your braces. Buy a Waterpik to clean your teeth :)

julia said...

My son gets the funky coloured elastics and when they adjust his braces, he gets brackets, or whatever they replace, in crazy colours, too. You could coordinate your braces to your shirts and ties. Be a fashion plate. :D

I had all four wisdom teeth removed at once. It was horrible. I have awful teeth problems because I grind my teeth at night, so I have tons of stress fractures which means tons of cavities. It's not pleasant at all. I'm cringing in sympathy over here, if it's any help.