Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blooper Time

I really wanted to wait to post something with some substance to it but I had to share what happened last night.

I changed out my infusion set last night. I pulled out all of the little pieces, grabbed my insulin, a diet pepsi (for mental clarity), and laid them all out on the coffee table ready to start anew.

Reservoir filled? CHECK
Infusion set connected? CHECK
Chose a site, cleaned with IV Prep Pad? AFFIRMATIVE
Loaded “Quick-serter” device and removed paper to reveal adhesive? YUP
BAM! We are in, the site looks good, doesn’t hurt, and um… oh crap.
I forgot to prime.

My wife looks at me like "What the hell are you doing?." I just cracked up and said, “I cannot be the first person to do this.”

On a good note, I went to bed with a 120 and woke this morning with a 105 (I slept through my 2AM alarm) so it looks as though my night time basal rate is pretty good.

Well, back to the lab.


Sarah said...

Hehehehe, on the IV prep and forgetting to prime.

DH still laughs at how hapazardly I no do site changes, compared to the meticulous 15 minute procedure I went through when I first got the pump. I don't think I've had an IV Prep swab or alcohol swab in my house in YEARS (bad, Sarah, Bad!) LOL

Caro said...

No, definitely not the first person!

I don't know how you did handle it, but you can just disconnect the tubing from the site, prime until you see insulin coming out the plastic 'O', reconnect and do a fixed prime to fill the cannula.

Strangely, when I use Quicksets now (rarely) I usually end up actually doing it this way. I'm probably odd, but I just like getting the set into me first, then dealing with the resevoir and tubing. Probably comes from one too many sets dropped on the floor before I got round to putting them in!

Congrats on your pump start. Sorry I wasn't around sooner.

Megan said...

I always prime after the site is in. Sounds silly, but works for me.

I put the site in, then disconnect the tubing and prime, then reconnect and do the fixed prime bit.

I almost primed when I was connected one- don't recommend that.

Roberta said...

Hi George,
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Good luck to you and congrats for trying to stay on top of your blood sugars.