Sunday, June 11, 2006

So far, so good.

Well it has been 3 days now and all is well with "Master P" (my pump)
I changed my infusion set today and it is sore a little. Actually it kind of hurts. Not like the first one I put in Thursday. I am not sure if i should change it. I am concerned becuase as soon as I put it in, I remembered that this was an area I used for injections and I was going to try and avoid those for a while. I am a little concerned about absorbing issues. I will see about this tomorrow I guess.

I have made some adjustments but all and all things are okay. I think all of the "don't get frustrated" advise really helped. I know it is a major leaning curve and I will get it down. One thing I did learn is that I suck at Carb counting! I am tempted to only eat prepackaged food so I do not have to guess but I am sure my wife will not let that happen!

Not much more to report. I am loving it a whole lot. I am going to send back the unopened boxes of 23" tubing and replace it with 43" and other then that, I am going to keep plugging away!

More updates soon.


KJ said...

Hi George,

I sure was waaaayyy too late answering on your previous post, but at least I'm first now. (hah)

First of all, congrats, I think you're doing awesome! As far as your painful site goes, if it hurts too much, just go ahead and change it. I've certain spots where I shouldn't go, but sometimes it happens. I know from experience that it will get infected or sometimes even leaves me with a bruce. That's why it's better to change it before this all happens.

As far as the carb counting... it might be easier in the beginning to eat only things where you have the exact carb count, but after a while, trust me, it's all trial & error, it'll be fine. I sometimes still find it hard when I go out to eat... lot of guessing... sometimes it's just perfect but other times not enough but ooo sooo easy to correct with your pump. Make sure to test yourself enough after eating out in restaurants.

Keep us posted!

Scott K. Johnson said...

heheheh - "Master P" - I Love it!!

Say "Uuuuuuuughhhn"

Kevin said...


Regarding your absorption concerns: I've learned a new trick recently.

Whenever I changed sites, I would switch from the right side of my stomach to the left side (or visa versa). But I still had favorite spots on each side.

Whenever I change sites, the new one goes about 1 inch away from the old one. This way, I work back and forth in a typewriter fasion across my abdomen (I usually get two rows per side). This way each site gets something like 6 weeks to heal before I'm back in that neighborhood again.

Give it a try, hopefully that will help with some of your absorption concerns.