Monday, June 26, 2006

The Countdown

Since Friday I have been in my target range every time I checked my BG! So awesome! I have taken everyone’s advice and kept tight records of everything. Also I have been adamant about my carb counting and apparently, it is paying off.

Although I must share a strange moment that occurred early this morning around 2. I awoke in a pool of sweat but I noticed a very strange feeling in my head as if I was dreaming. I immediately figured I must be super low. I sat up very slowly, turned on my light, grabbed my machine, woke up my wife, and popped open the lid to the glucose tabs all at once it seemed. My wife went to the kitchen to get me some carbs to last me through the night while I took a few tabs and got my machine ready to test.

I easily slid the strip in the machine and hit a major artery on the first try so that was good because I hate it when no blood comes out when I am in semi-panic mode.

I closely watched the blood get sucked up into the strip and watched the countdown to status begin.

“I am going to die from this disease. This is going to kill me. This sucks, I hate this shit!”

“What did I do wrong? I should have had a snack, I am such an idiot”

“What would I do if I were alone, I would be screwed. Thank God my wife said yes to me”

“I am seriously going to die from this. My poor kids. This sucks.”

“I am so done with this. I am tired. Why do I even care?”


How can my brain be filled with so many thoughts in such a short amount of time?

I apologize if this post went from positive to negative but that is life I guess, not just life with Diabetes.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Well, for one, your brain needs glucose to operate. And what does "low blood sugar" mean? Yep, you're low on glucose. So, your brain can communicate some weird things when it's low.

I also think that this is a great look at what kind of things we deal with in our heads during times that stress us with diabetes.

art-sweet said...

I have really crazy dreams when I'm low too. I also wake up convinced that I have the master plan that will a) bring about world peace, and b) make me a millionare. I scratch it down in words and pictures that are completely incomprehensible when my b.s. is back in range. Humph.

Congrats on the great day, btw!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Yes it is amazing how you can still go on thinking even when the brain has no fuel, ie no glucose. See it this way, tjhe human body has all these safety systems to keep us going. My brain works in overdrive when it has no glucose. I NEVER believe the results when the number is very low. Sometimes I will just stare at the monitor and expect it to do the test and than eventually, yes, I have done it. Can I give a suggestion - just try cold , fizzy coke. I promise you it works faster than sugar tabs or orange juice! The quicker you fix the problem the sooner you will feel okay again. Just be happy your wife was there. When she is not there, it can be good to set an alarm clock. AND do NOT always blame yourself. I keep very careful records and now I know things just happen and sometimes it is your fault, but many times it is NOT you fault at all. WHY do all diabetic blame themselves? I do the same thing, and yet here I am telling you not to do it! Stupid, huh!

With these weird hypos it is totally unecessary to get drunk. Life looks so weird, so often anyway.......

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

that's a whole load of thoughts.

your wife sounds like a saint, wish my boyfriend actually woke up when i'm hypo. i end up stumpling downstairs for carbs crashing about and he's still sound asleep. i would take up precious time and energy i didn't have to wake him.

Kerri. said...

"George's Doom Countdown" needs to be replaced by something a little more upbeat...

"The blogging community makes me happy. It's true. I am one happy guy."

"Master P is a rockin' name for my pump."

"The number 3 is nice and round. Like a "B" without the backbone. I love the number three."

"Larry Bird."

Regardless of what this number is, I am still one tough, sugar-free cookie."