Monday, July 03, 2006

Independence Day

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I am so thankful I was born here and live in this great country. After having the opportunity to visit countries like Mexico, Peru, and Australia I am so glad that America is where my soul ended up. Sure we are not perfect but all and all, I would not consider living out from underneath the protection and pride of the stars and stripes.

This Independence day I will also be celebrating the independence I have gained by becoming a Pump User. It has been an awesome 3.5 weeks now and each day me and Master P understand each other a little bit more. Sure I have had a few high BG’s, and a few lows. Sure I get frustrated figuring out how to count carbs at a birthday party or potluck. Sure it still seems to take me a good 20 minutes to change my infusion set, reservoir and tubing. Sure I have almost pulled out my infusion set on a few “trou’ dropping” moments. Even with all those “sures” I would not go back to multiple shots.

In other 7/4 news we are going to my sisters for swimming and fireworks. Here in the very flammable state of California, you are not allowed to have fireworks in many cities. And the fireworks that are allowed in certain towns are pathetic. I can usually jump over the highest cone available although I would suggest shaving your legs before doing it. Anyhow, my sister lives in a town that seems to be filled with law breaking people when it comes to fireworks. It is truly the most frightening/exciting fireworks display that I have ever seen! I am going to take my video camera with me to see if I can capture the utterly terrifying, war zone-esk fireworks and post some footage for you all.

One last thing, (It wouldn’t be a B.A.D. post if I didn’t ask the OC for some guidance or advice would it?) I am sure I will be swimming tomorrow and I would love any advice you pumpers have. I think that I read somewhere that if I disconnect for an hour or less, I can just resume pumping and all is good but if I go any longer then that, then I should bolus for the amount of insulin that I missed during my normal basal rate. Is that about right? Is 2 hours too long or maybe 3 hours? I would love your input.


Allison said...

If I'm going to be off my pump for an extended period time, I just test every 1 1/2 hrs. to see what needs to be done. If you are exercising, you might not need to bolus at all, but if you are starting to go up, you'll want to do a correction bolus and get some insulin into your system. You just need to test a lot, but I've been off my pump for a few hours at a time when I'm swimming.

KSC said...

I love the 4th too! The view in NYC is incredible, and the drunken rambling about the great USA is sometimes inspirational! Congrats on getting to know Master P better! What a great name. If I've been swimming a bit longer than an hour, I just bolus the amount of basal I missed, seems to do the trick. I try to check my blood a lot too.

KJ said...

Definitely some good advice above. I do the same. I check myself a lot, definitely before you go in the pool. If I'm between 65 and 110, I just leave it at that and check myself an hour later. Be careful if you're too low. Grab a snack first, you don't want to have any hypo's while in the pool! Even when I'm higher, let's say between 120 - 140, I'll correct and still disconnect and swim. (It all depends on how long ago I ate something). If I'm above 150, I'll probably wait a little longer after correction. But once in the pool, check yourself every hour and if you're good, you can keep being disconnected. Slightly elevated, turn on your pump, correct and then you can go back to disconnect mode. Hope it worked out at your sister's but also for the summer. Good luck!

Minnesota Nice said...

Congratulations on taking the momentous step! I have been considering a pump for two years, and now that I see the kind of support available on the OC may finally get the ball rolling! Things have really fallen into place regarding making this decision since I put my big toe into that infinite blog-river. Sieze the day - you have made a difference.