Friday, July 28, 2006


I changed my site out yesterday and OUCH if freaking hurt! This is the first time it ever hurt at all! I made a noise like a snake hissing or air being let out of a tire!


I thought I picked an area far from the others (which is what I try to do each time) but man it hurt. In fact, every time I bolus it burns all around the site. My BG has been great so I am not sure what is up.

I am sure you all have ideas as to what the problem is. Please let me know what you think. I was going to change it but frankly, I cannot afford to waste infusion sets unless they just flat out don’t work and this one is working just fine. Since I just got my pump, I have exhausted my medical supply coverage for the year so this next batch of supplies I will have to pay for all by my lonesome.

Any thoughts from my dear OC friends will be great appreciated.


Scott K. Johnson said...

This happens sometimes. Just like with shots, some hurt, others don't. You just hit a nerve wrong or something. Not to be worried about (unless your BG's are rising for no other good reason).

There are also times where you'll get a "gusher" when removing a set. It will bleed and bleed like you struck a major vein. This is rare, and again, not to be worried about. Just apply pressure for a while and it will stop.

Usually when I have a set that hurts going in, and when bolusing, it will stop hurting after the first day or so.

If you have any sets to spare, and it continues to hurt, go ahead and change it. No use being so uncomfortable unless you really need to.

Bernard said...


My darling wife, who is also our homeschooling teacher, recently pointed out to me that there are a lot less nerve endings in the back.

Since then I try to sometimes use a site that's in my back. Now I can't reach very far around, so it's only 1-2 inches from my side. And it's also a little hard to detach the tubing for showers and so on.

But so far I've done this about 4 times and each time has been painless.

Compared to using my belly, where about 1 in 12 times it'll really hit a nerve or something and hurt like the Dickens.

Often if I have that problem on insertion, then I'll have the bleeding problem on removal some days later. Now I make sure to have a box of Kleenex nearby when I'm removing a set. If it starts to bleed I can grab one or two (sometimes it bleeds a lot) and press hard on the site for about 30 seconds. This stops the bleeding and reduces the subsequent bruising a good deal.

Best of luck.