Monday, November 06, 2006

Failed Test

It is so difficult not giving in.
I know I shouldn’t but they are right there. So close.
How can anything called a “Kiss” be bad?
I hate this disease.

Honestly this is the sight from my desk. Actually that is the end of my desk about 2’ from my keyboard. There are plenty of places in this office for candy but for some reason, they land right there. What sucks is that I have helped empty those candy dishes. Why do we need more then one?

If you noticed, there is a poster about the ADA walk I attended this last week. I am awaiting a Team Photo to be emailed to me so I can share that event with you. I have a lot to tell you but I need the picture to tell the story.

I just had to show you what I am up against each day.

A quick side-note, a co-worker told me that she did not hear a thing or see anything about the walk. She said that the Diabetes people need to get with the marketing team from the Breast Cancer people because they know what they are doing. Also, AIDS isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be.

I just popped another Kiss in my mouth and didn’t say a thing.


Shannon said...

Those candies sitting there is cruel and unusual punishment. Even as a non-diabetic, I feel your pain.

I think diabetes organizations need to do a major publicity push....

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man - it's such a hard fight sometimes.

Have you noticed if your BG's are high when those cravings hit you the hardest?

Mine are. If I'm above 200, you better strap my mouth shut with pop rivets or something. I just want to eat, and it has to be something bad for me (salty or sweet).

It's not that I'm hungry - it's more a feel in my mouth or some undercover physiological thing. Bodies are just not used to having high BG's you know?!

julia said...

I have been saying the same thing about diabetes campaigns. It gets so little press in comparison to breast cancer awareness. Drives me nuts.

Johnboy said...

George, I can sympathize with you because I raided the Halloween candy today with very poor results.

And I had stayed away from it until now....ah well.

Tomorrow is another day.

Kerri. said...

Am I the only one who is snickering at the fact that a candy bowl is sitting in front of the ADA Walk poster? Am I also the only one who is snickering at the fact that I chose "snickering" as my verb, seeing as how a Snickers is a candy bar?

Whoa. It's been waaa-ay too long a day and all I want is candy.

Chin up, SuperG. You have your SuperCronies on your side.

Kevin said...

That's rough. I certainly wouldn't survive with candy that close. I used to work with a group that had M&Ms out all the time, and Peanut M&Ms on Fridays. Fridays were RoUgH, let me tell you.

And as Kerri points out, there is some high irony there with the candy below the ADA poster!

See if you can get those candy bowls moved... even just around the corner, outta eye-sight so you can't hear them when they ask you to eat them (you hear candy talk too, right?).

Jamie said...

Just coming out of "lurk-dom" to say I love your blog :)

I noticed the irony - candies in front of an ADA poster - woah!

I can't have a bowl of candy anywhere near me - and I'm not Diabetic - it should a law or something (no candy on desks).

See if you can hide it around the corner :)