Friday, November 03, 2006

I am way too slow! I'VE BEEN TAGGED!!!!

Dang! I’ve been tagged by my pal Kerri at Six Until Me.

I am supposed to list 5 random facts about yours truly that you do not know. Probably because I didn’t want to scare you away! Anyhow, enjoy having a new reason to laugh at me and then see who I’ve tagged below. It might be you!

Random Facts about George

1. I do not like clowns at all. And I also hate their close relatives, mimes. I have figured out that this fear must have started with a screening of Poltergeist that I saw in the theater. I believe I was probably 8 when I saw it and even to this day, I will not watch that movie! I avoid the circus at all costs and never look a clown in the eye. I have found that I am not the only one who has this fear thank goodness.

2. I cannot eat chicken on the bone. I have this weird hang up where digging through bones and ligaments makes me nauseous. In fact the thought of biting into a chicken leg makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

3. I must have blankets with ribbon on the ends. This is a requirement for sleep. The ribbon must lie on my face, above my nose but below my eyes. If it is hot at night, I will turn on a fan, crank the AC or wet my hair before bedtime just so I can sleep with blankets. Me loves them.

4. I used to be a lead singer in a band. We played all over LA for a few years but never really went anywhere. Our band was called Six Degrees and although we never “made it” we did write several great songs so as far as I am concerned, we were pretty successful.

5. My father gave me the nickname, Jim. He used to call me Little Bo Jangles when I was a kid. Then it evolved into Jimbo and then Jim. With a sister named Jennifer, hearing JIM or JEN being called sounded exactly the same. I guess he named me George after himself or maybe after my grandfather but he rarely called me that.

So there you have it. Five little facts that only further my trek into therapy. Man I need help!

I tag…

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Sweet post Jim!

Isn't there a phobia for fear of clowns?

I did find another interesting "fear of": Ergophobia is the fear of work. That rocks. I'm going to call in to work one day because of "Ergophobia". That should throw them!

I picked some of the same people to tag - I think you beat me by a few minutes on your post, so you got me there. But it was close.

Just shows - great minds think alike!

Shannon said...

LMAO at "Little Bo Jangles"!!!
Did you love to dance?

I also hate clowns...ever since Poltergeist.

Kerri. said...

The one that got me laughing was the ribbons on your blankets. The idea of you, sound asleep with one single blanket ribbon draped across your face, makes me smile. :)

Penny said...

Yes, the blanket thing got to me too. How funny.