Thursday, November 02, 2006

Highs and Lows for Thursday

Low - Had an Endo appointment yesterday and I’ve gained 18 lbs! Lovely! I knew that I had put on some serious weight but to see the number just made me sick.

High – I am almost at my goal for the ADA walk I am doing on Saturday! Maybe I can shed some poundage as I raise awareness of the “D”. Team Beat the Bete is rocking!

Low – I am so freaking broke and I just got paid.

High – I have 2 more days worth of nicotine patches and then I am totally drug free. Except for the life saving ones! J

Low – I have been sneaking candy from my kids, co-workers, and the candy dish when I walk into my office. I have no control.

High – Get over to the Diabetes OC website and vote for your favorite blog. The OC awards are coming up and you need to vote! Allison rocks BTW!

Low – I am now on a cholesterol medication and I realized my pharmacy gave me someone else’s prescription last night. Guess I’ll start taking those tonight.

High – A representative of the JDRF is giving me a “Teen Pack” to give to M. He is so cool. We have been chatting on AIM and he is a great kid!

When I look at all of the Low’s above I have to remember I have quit smoking, I own a home and have a nice car, candy makes me smile, and one more pill is not that big of a deal.

I am just gonna focus on the Highs. I have a lot to be “high” about!


MileMasterSarah said...

Honestly, that is all you can do! What you focus on is what will help determine your mood. I am feeling you on the broke thing, I missed two days this week, and will miss two or maybe even three next week, and I only have ONE day of paid vacation until August 31, 2007……Congrats on the quitting smoking! That is awesome, and SOOOO HARDDDDDDDDD!

Kevin said...

Muchos Kudos on dropping the cigs! That should practically outweigh all those other lows in-and-of-itself.

Scott K. Johnson said...

And let's not forget how much you have taken control of your diabetes!

C'Mon man! That one reigns supreme!!

Minnesota Nice said...

George, I read your comment on Julia's post about the nurse.........At my dr's, the scale is right in the waiting room and Tammy the Tyrant always says everybody's weight really loud, and used to scramble through your chart to see if it'd gone up from last time and then make the appropriate comment. (Since everything is now in the computer she can't have the pleasure of doing that - hah!)
Last time I went, I said "I'm not getting on the scale today" and she said "bbbbbbbut, you have to - I'm telling the doctor!) (Go ahead, sister, be my guest).

Anyway, you have made so many improvements in your self-care, a few pounds is not a big deal when you consider the other amazing things you have done! Groovy.