Friday, November 17, 2006

Still Putting Together the Puzzle

I have been posting like mad this week and I apologize. There are many more exciting things going on in the OC.

Like Art-Sweet’s SUHWEET NEWS!!!!!!!

Or my buddy Scott’s news. You must check it out.

Or the OC Blog Awards. Get over there and vote!

But, nevertheless, my narcissistic self emerges and now I give you the story of the day.

The Podiatrist.

It has been several years since my abnormally large feet have been manhandled by a dude in scrubs. I am probably the most ticklish person in the world. You know, one of those that you stick your finger out and start nearing my waist and I will giggle like a little kid? I have almost kicked many loved ones in the face when they have grabbed my foot or attempted to give me a foot massage. Not happening.

I was a little nervous since I do not want to kick a doc in the grill. I can’t even imagine the co-payment for that. Luckily, Diabetes has taken away so much feeling in my feet that I can hardly feel his hands checking me out. (that was sarcastic BTW)

He did say that my pulse is good so hooray for that. Also, he noticed some discoloring but he thinks I should not worry about that too much.

All and all it was an easy appointment. He put a referral in to get me sized for diabetic shoes. I asked, will they would be Type 1’s or Type 2’s? He laughed. I thought, “Man that was lame. But he’s seems like a cool cat!”

So another piece of the care team has been found. Dang, this Born Again Diabetic crap is a lot of work!


Kassie said...

Man, there have been times when I would have gladly paid the necessary co-payment for kicking a doc!

Kelsey said...

Keep the posts coming! :)

I'm glad things went well with the doc.

I've never seen a podiatrist... hmmm, something to think about.

Minnesota Nice said...

What are diabetic shoes? Like some custom-fit deal?
It's probably good that you saw him and they can start a file for you. Should you have an emergency, it's always easier to get in if you're an "existing patient" (of which I seem to be all over town).
BTW, I was just thinking how good it was that you didn't have the pancreatitis/gall bladder/whatever problem when you were at MouseWorld - really would have put a damper on things.

George said...

Kassie - Good point! LOL

Kelsey - I will but I may leave a few days in between.

MN - I guess they are custom fit to your bone structure or something. I just hope they are not fugly. :)
And yes, that tummy thing in WDW would have been terrible.

MileMasterSarah said...

I'm glad this appointment went well and I want you to know we've had you in our thoughts and prayers hoping that your health stuff clears up (whatever it ends up being!) All of that is so stressful when you add it to all of the other day in day out stuff of diabetes

Hannah said...

haha, yes, the first thing I thought of when hearing of "diabetic shoes" was:

Wow, won't those be ugly?

Maybe they'll just give you some orthotics for your real shoes. ;)

art-sweet said...

Thanks for sending folks my way! And I have to have a nurse hold my leg down when the doctor tickles, I mean tests my feet.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Funny stuff man!!

Thanks for the "shout out" too!