Thursday, January 18, 2007

Momma Mia!

In November my older (not oldest) sister and her family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am extremely close with all 3 of my sisters and it has been difficult for all of us to adjust to the move but we are very happy for them. I know that they are just a phone call away BUT I miss being able to go out to dinner with them or see my nieces. It has been especially hard on my daughter because she looks to her cousin as her little “sister” and was very sad when they left.

Well, the plan for me, my little sister, and her husband was to drive out to
New Mexico tonight and see them. I was able to get tomorrow off of work
and since the African Children’s Choir (who are awesome by the way) are leading church on Sunday it was a perfect weekend to go EXCEPT that mother nature had another plan. There are extreme weather alerts issued for basically our entire route to NM. Lovely.

I really upset because I miss my sister and my nieces something fierce and was looking forward to seeing her new home and Albuquerque but oh well.

Since I am a Native of Southern California, my experience with driving through snow is nonexistent. I know some of you are used to the snow but I am not. Although, it was snowing at the beach yesterday so maybe I should head over to Malibu and get some lessons in. I don’t know about global warming BUT the weather is definitely Bizarro!

So I am now planning on staying home and spoiling my daughter rotten. My son is going to a Confirmation retreat this weekend so Gillian is going to get all of our attention. I promise if she decides to give me a makeover, I will post pictures. No matter how embarrassing.


Kerri. said...

I'm sorry you can't make your trip, as planned.

But oh man, am I looking forward to potential makeover pictures.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man! Drat!! I'm sorry you can't make your trip too.

Makeover pictures? Sounds like a new blogger profile picture in the making...

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Oh George - what a bummer. Yeah the weather really is messed up. Here in Belgium and in Sweden the temps are really warm but we have had repeated very high wind storms. BTW, my older brother lives in El Granada, California. Gosh it has been 7 years since I saw him!

Shannon said...

I think it's the dredded El NiƱo making its way through and turning the weather upside down.

I'm excited that my brother is coming up for a visit this weekend. It's snowing now, gotta check the forecast for tomorrow.

Keith said...

The African Children's Choir IS awesome. We have 3 of their CDs and were a host family when they were here. Sorry your trip didn't work out, but I think you'll get a very large blessing from their performance.

Vivian said...

Sorry about your trip, stupid weather. Sounds like staying home will be fun too. Have a great weekend.