Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Diabetes Joke Challenge - Part 2

I am glad that you guys like the jokes so far. I wrote a Limerick also but I did not post it becuase, well, I didn't know if it was funny or if it really fell into the joke catagory.

I sent it to my humor consultant (Scott) and He said,

"Dude!!! That limerick is AWESOME!!! You HAVE to post it!!"

So here it goes.

There once was a blog called "BAD"
that varied from happy to sad
the writer would waste time, discussing his waist line
while eating all the donuts he had.


Lori Rode said...

I think that needs to be part of your permanent description of your blog. It's so good! I posted one joke

mel said...

Hi George! Great jokes so far :)

One thing, in your limerick. You have swapped your waste/waist. To waste is to spend needlessly and waist would be for your waist line :) Regardless, it's good :)

George said...

Lori, i love your joke!

Mel - thanks for the tip. I fixed it. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yep, couldn't let that one go to, I mean WASTE.


Minnesota Nice said...

Minnesota Nice goes over to pay Scott and George a visit. She easily identifies Scott's house by the used test strips on the sidewalk.

Scott: Hi Kathy. Come on in. George and I are on the back porch doing a jigwsaw puzzle.

George: Hi Kathy. Look how far we've gotten on the puzzle. We've really been working hard and now we're almost finished!

Kathy: Looks great. How long have you been working on it?

Scott: A little over six months.

George: Yup, we're nearly done in six months and look, the box says 2 To 4 YEARS.

Both boys beam with pride, take a slug of Diet Coke and smile lopsidedly.

Minnesota nice begins to feel confused. Thinking she is having a hypo, she dutifully crams some tabs and heads home.

Julia said...

*LOL* Ok, I'm not one for the stupid tst spk crap, but that's funny.

Unfortunately, the only limerick I know starts:
There once was a man from Nantucket....
and I don't know the rest. Seriously. I don't. But I can guess.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I LIKE it. Maybe you should change profession! Lori is right, make that part of your permanent blog description. Kathy - you too - funny stuff. D OC becomes C OC, ieComedians OC!

Drea said...

Your joke made me hungry for a donut HA

Maniacally Monday said...

Over the last two days you have developed a new fan. Your optimism, joke telling, and stylish ninja ways made me wonderfully happy.

Sandra Miller said...

I'm goin' to bed with a smile on my face.

Thanks, man.

Bernard said...


You're on a roll (pun intended). I'm waiting for the next ones in the series.

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type1emt said...

Even spammers like your blog!
wow, you're so popular..
Great jokes + limerick.