Thursday, February 08, 2007


That’s right friend it is not “good.”

I left my BG Ma Sheen at home this morning.

I know right where I left it to. On top of my dresser next to an extra One Touch Ultra.

I hate that feeling when you look into your “very masculine” tote bag and notice that something is missing. I have an extra machine in my car BUT no more strips so that is a dead end.

When I checked this morning upon awakening I was at 87. So it should be interesting to see how well I do.

Any advice from the OC will be read, considered, and seriously appreciated. I am on the verge of freaking out and driving home to get my machine. The problem there is it is a 45 minute drive each way.

I would love some ideas on this!

P.S. I will test as soon as I get home and post the results.


Vivian said...

George, that bites! This post from like yesterday, I think, might help. It talks about using your "spidey sense". lol

Hope your day gets better.

mel said...


You could try calling your local CVS or Brooks or whatever you guys have out there. The One Touch mini is supposed to be around or under $20. Also, the crappy TruTrak meters come with strips and are on the lower end cost wise, I think... Unfortunately, I live 1.4 miles from work and we have a stash of meters here :( so I don't face this problem often while at work.

Erica said...

Oh man... I would stick to eating things that I absolutely know the carbs for and how my body deals with it.

Hope you had a better rest of your day.

MileMasterSarah said...

Haha, that sucks. I love this: “very masculine tote bag.” That’s great! I will let myself run higher if stuff like this ever happens, or drive home to get it. I panic about blood sugars if I can’t check them.

Allison said...

Either go to Walgreens/Rite-Aid/cheap pharmacy of choice and buy a cheap meter that comes with strips, or just bag it. Honestly, the 8 hours of not testing is not going to kill you. It sucks, but people have survived on much longer. Like me, for instance. Meter broke while I was in Paris and it took me a full 24 hours before I could get another one. I was high, but that's because I went such a long time without testing. You can manage 8 more hours and then test and correct when you get home. Not ideal to do often, but once won't hurt you much.

Kelsey said...

I thought of Ryan's "Spidey sense" post too!

I'd try to eat very little carb and stick to things I know exactly the carb count for.

You'll make it! And I'm sure you'll be ultra deligent about your meter for awhile :) That's what happens to me whenever I forget something!

Kevin said...

Been busy at work, so I missed this. But I too forgot my meter on Thursday. I noticed halfway into work and turned around for it though.


Testing so many times a day and then being cut off cold turkey for a day must be very unnerving.

Sorry you went through that, but also pretty impressed with how well you did!