Thursday, February 08, 2007

Results of My Meterless day

It is 4:55 PM.

I am home.

I have Tested.


Wow. I am shocked.

Thanks for all of you ideas. I did not have ANY money so I had to just hold out but I am very pleased.

Now to take all those extra meters and plant them everywhere so this won't happen again!


jill. said...

Nice work dude! I would say something like "maybe you should forget your meter everyday.." but that would be terrible advice :)

Anonymous said...

SG - so glad you didn't come home with a higher-than-a-kite bg. Maybe you have more spidey sense than you think.
BTW, I was raging envious of the nice weather you had while camping - we're still subzero in the mornings..........and it's getting old, fast.
Have a good weekend.

Sandra Miller said...


Well done, George.

Allison said...

This has happened many times with me... well, not many, but enough. I usually forget to put new test strips in my meter, but I always seem to end up exactly where I started that day. Bad habit to get into, but sometimes it gives me a nice sense of satisfaction that I really can be stable when necessary. Good job!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

WOW George - stupendous! Way to go.

Val said...

Nice job, SuperGeorge.

Isn't it frustrating that sometimes we do better without the extra work than with it? :P

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go man!

Erica said...

Whew!! good job ;-)