Monday, February 12, 2007

Say "Hello" to my not so little friends.

These are my brand spanking new Diabetic Shoes.

They are big, black, and boring.

I will admit, they are extremely comfortable but I am not sure what makes them “diabetic shoes.” There is no BG machine built in or even a spot to carry glucose tabs.

They should make them like a medical ID bracelet so the sole of your shoe would have all the info on your health.

My insurance will pay for 4 inserts per year so I have to go back every three months to get a referral. I am actually pretty happy with them. It was perfect timing too because my old work shoes were looking really bad. It is also extremely difficult to find shoes in my size. Most stores only carry up to a 13 and I wear a 14!

It saves money on ski rentals. LOL

Anyhow, my piggies and I will enjoy cruising in comfort.


Penny said...

Spiffy shoes, George.

I guess those shoes are kind of like people, you can't tell they are diabetic by looking at them.

It's great that you're taking care of your feet.

Lori Rode said...

I call mine "referee shoes". Ginormous. Loving the diabetes life. So stylish. Shall we get matching striped shirts to go with them?

Minnesota Nice said...

They look fine. Think how good your feet will feel with the proper support. I had to get some custom inserts afer I broke my ankle and they did make a big difference.
Happy Hoofing!

Bernard said...


I'll take comfort over fashion any day of the week, when it comes to shoes.

I hope they keep staying comfortable. Someday I'll post a picture of my bright comfortable shoes.

In Search Of Balance said...

My husband has the same size feet... and 14 shoes are hard to find!! Congrats on the new D shoes and please let us know how they treat your feet.

cassandra said...

i know the feeling. i wear a 24.5 in japan, and that is one size bigger than any store carries. that's like a 7.5 U.S. i think! WHY!!!???

cool shoes

Kevin said...

I've got a size 8 (7.5, actually, but I usually buy 8s because it's hard to find smaller sizes).

You could almost fit two of my feet into your shoes!

I'm glad they're comfy.
I love comfy shoes.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy Crap man!!! 14!?!?!!

Wow dude! How tall are you?

Ever considered barefoot waterskiing? :-)

I actually like the look of them.