Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Tube Tuesday #8

This week’s video is a serious one. One I had never seen before but makes so much sense. I feel like this when I see a bad BG reading on my machine. Let me know what you think?


Shannon said...

It sounds like they're assuming people with high A1C's are neglecting their management....I suppose that is the target audience....not the people who do what they can.

Don't feel badly about your efforts if you see a high number. Sometimes you can do everything "right" and it still doesn't work.

You're taking the place of an organ that has gone through millions of years of evolution. How could you possibly keep on par with what your brain is programmed to do involuntarily.

Gina said...

is it me or is that weird?

Minnesota Nice said...

George, is that a tv ad? I guess it was meant to be effective in getting people to work hard at control. I don't know what I think........

George said...

Shannon - I really like you thoughts on this. Especially about doing as well of a job as an internal organ.

Gina - Yes it is weird.

MN - The more I watch it the more I do not like it. It is a Public Service announcement from Utah.

Fear does not motivate me.

We should make our own PSA on the D.

Julia said...

I hate that the a1c has become a report card. I know that every time O's comes to the house, I freak. If it's up, I feel like a total failure, like I'm letting her down (guess whose a1c went up this quarter?) and when it goes down, I'm thrilled. I try to look at the smaller picture, the week to week stuff, how we're handling puberty and adolescence (oh my GAWD, does that suck!) but still, that a1c hangs over my head like the damned sword of Damocles.

Bernard said...


I just watched this, it took me a long time to get to it.

I'm sorry it really creeped me out. I partially reminded of the movie Memento.

When I watched that movie there's something that happens towards the end that really upset me. So much that I gave the new DVD we had purchased of the movie to the library.