Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another try!

Tonight, one of my best friends, Matt, is coming over to workout in the Slimmons Gym with me. I am going to have to dust of the weights and pump up the speed bag but I am excited. I have tried several times to incorporate an exercise routine into my daily life but I have always failed. I start and continue for a few days and then I flake.

When he comes over and sees my car in the driveway there is no way I can hide. I will have to workout. This is probably what I need. Some accountability. Someone to show up and say, “Get your fat ass up and get out here Porko!” Matt will not be that mean I hope unless of course he has to be.

Crap now I am scared!

I guess I could park around the corner.


Drea said...


(I can say that, I just got home form the gym HAHA!!)

Penny said...

Good for you George!! Have fun and don't pull anything.

Lori Rode said...

I'm not above parking around the corner. Go George! Hooray for kick-in-the-pants friends!

Shannon said...

When you see your friend pull up to your house, make it look like you were sweating....pour water on your face, breath really heavy and tell him you just finished your workout, but he's more than welcome to use your equipment.

Hmmm, that sounded really bad, lol.

Kate said...

Workout buddies are the best! They certainly do help us to stay on track- I know mine has since we started working out together in Jan. Just take it slow- believe me I am! I only use the 3lb weights in my strength training class so that I can use them for the whole class and not be hurting too bad the next day- ease in and slowly build up. (and the other women in my class use 10-20lb weights-but they've been working out longer than I have been)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I can hear the rocky theme playing in my head!

Push yourself a little, but not too much. Don't get so sore that you can't do it again!

caramaena said...

So did you park around the corner? ;)